Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

The treatments and support we provide

Binge eating therapy is predominantly about working on the underlying anxiety and depression that triggers your binging. In addition, we will support you to alter your eating behaviour, for example by keeping to a nutritious diet and eating regularly rather than sporadically. Our eating disorder day programme can support you to understand why you binge and how you can develop an improved self-image of yourself and increase your feelings of self-esteem.

Our treatments for BED

  • Psychological therapies

  • Physical healthcare

  • Nutritional management

  • Eating disorder group interventions: Supporting each other

  • Mental health and wellbeing

Psychological therapies

Our specialist therapists will work with you to increase your knowledge and understanding of how you connect to yourself and others. To discover deep rooted issues that influence how you see yourself and help you replace them with more constructive and empowering perspectives. Psychodynamic and behavioural approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are offered in our services.

We will support you and your families, where relevant to develop new insights and approaches that will benefit you.

Nutritional management

We provide you with psychoeducation , dietician advice and regular supervised meals that provide you with support and reassurance at every stage.

Physical healthcare

We will monitor your physical health on a regular basis to ensure we know whether your physical condition is at a high risk of short or long term illness. When a person’s body goes into nutritional crisis it impacts on their organs and electrolytes causing potentially fatal consequences. We will help you seek the appropriate medical help you need in a timely and supportive manner.

Eating disorder group interventions: supporting each other

Our skilled group facilitators will encourage you to explore how you connect and respond to others in a safe environment. Groups are particularly helpful in sharing positive experiences, skills, knowledge, and supportive interventions. Group work is recommended so that you have the opportunity to explore how you relate to others and how they relate to you.

Mental health and wellbeing

Your wellbeing is important and often when people are unwell, they neglect their creative, spiritual and sensory selves. We will encourage you to reconnect with these aspects of yourself through a number of supported activities. We teach and help you utilise mindfulness, mantra, relaxation techniques and your own creativity.