Meet our experts

Anthea Besser

Anthea Besser, UK HR Director

Co-Chair of the HR Directors Forum for IHPN (Independent Healthcare Partnership Network)

As a Co-Chair for this forum Anthea attends and influences the agenda for the forum where People Strategy within Healthcare is discussed. Anthea supports the ratification process for any official statements IHPN issue, and also attends the NHSE Policy Board.

Having Schoen’s HR Director attend this forum helps to ensure we are able to influence health policy and people related policies at a national level. We are able to show case out good practise and exchange ideas on innovation, working collaboratively with the NHS and our private competitors.

Anthony Fitzgerald

Anthony Fitzgerald, Chief Nurse & Head of Clinical Services, Schoen Clinic London

Member of Department of Health’s Independent Sector Nursing Advisory Forum

As a member of this forum, Anthony works alongside Nurse Executives from the Independent sector and Chief Nurses from NHS England to ensure that the independent sector has a voice to influence the nursing agenda on issues such as recruiting and retaining nurses, standards for nurse education, safe staffing & quality of care, as well as advising on how government policy may affect nurses working in the independent sector.

Having representation at this forum helps to ensure nurses who work in the independent sector have a voice to influence policy at a national level. Member: Independent Healthcare Providers Network Clinical Forum – having representation on this forum facilitates sharing of learning and best practice on issues relating to patient safety, patient experience and quality improvement across the independent sector. Our pathways of care reflect best practice and our hospital teams benefit from industry wide learning.

Thomas Shrubshall, Theatre Manager, Schoen Clinic London

Representative of the Perioperative Care Collaborative – Independent Sector

The Perioperative Care Collaborative (PCC) is comprised of professional organisations and associations representing the health professionals working in practice and education, within the perioperative environment. It aims to enable those practicing in the multi-professional perioperative team to debate and discuss contemporary key issues that impact on patient care. As a collaborative, they strive to enhance the perioperative patients’ experience by influencing healthcare policy through publication and dissemination of best practice and guidance.

Tom represents the independent sector workforce as part of this collaborative, so that our teams working in perioperative care have access to the most up to date best practice and guidance and are influencing practice development.