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Recognised and welcomed by all health insurers

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The benefits of using your Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

We are welcomed and recognised by all health insurers, so accessing our services using your insurance is easy.

If you are using health insurance to pay for your treatment, you need to liaise with your insurance initially for your treatment to be approved. They will then issue you with a pre-authorisation number which you give to us when you book your initial appointment.

Continue to liaise with your insurer throughout treatment and it is a good to familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions and to find out if there any treatment limitations on your policy.

More and more people are choosing to use their PMI for treatment, not only because they don't have to wait long for treatment, but also because it comes with a whole host of benefits.

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Schoen Clinic Chelsea 

  • Schoen Clinic Chelsea is nestled in a discreet location in the heart of Chelsea treating patients 11 years+ with eating disorders and adults (18 years+) with anxiety and mood disorders such as depression, OCD and panic disorders.

  • You will feel better faster with rapid access to specialised treatment with little or no waiting times.

  • This service is perfect for patients not requiring inpatient care but in need of fast access to specialised treatment. Consultations and therapy sessions are accessible both online and in clinic.

  • You can have your initial assessment for treatment in as little as 24 hours.

What you can expect

  • Faster recovery and rehabilitation with minimal waiting times for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Consultations and therapy sessions in our discreet, private clinic.
  • Choose which highly skilled Consultant you would like to see.
  • Access to a variety of evidence-based treatments and therapies to suit your individual needs.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re being cared for by a team of professionals.
  • Feel confident with our open and transparent price packages, there are no hidden costs.
  • Access to a supportive onsite private patient team, throughout your journey.

Next steps

Using your private medical insurance

Step 1. Gain authorisation from your insurance company. We work with all the major health insurance companies. Before attending an appointment, it is important to check that your insurance policy will cover you and if there is an excess to pay. Some insurance companies also require a referral by way of a letter from your GP.

Step 2. Once your insurance company has authorised your hospital visit/treatment, contact us to make your appointment.

The information we need

Step 3. So that we can bill your insurer directly, here is what we will need from you:

  • The name of your insurance company.

  • Your membership or policy number.

  • The claim number or authorisation code given to you by your insurance company.

Step 4. We want you to concentrate on your recovery and will liaise directly with your insurers wherever possible to arrange payment.


About Schoen Clinic Chelsea

Our highly specialised outpatient clinic

Our highly specialised outpatient clinic offers patients and their families individualised treatment plans for eating disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Every patient receives the individualised treatment plan they require for a successful recovery using a multidisciplinary combination of group and one-on-one therapy.


We're here to help. Contact us today

Schoen Clinic Chelsea is an outpatient service open weekdays, so your evenings and weekends are free.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you in understanding any aspect of your treatment. 

Call us: +44 20 4571 6312 or email che-enquiries@schoen-clinic.co.uk