Social Anxiety Disorder

Coping with your anxiety in the presence of others

At Schoen Clinic, we rely on multimodal therapy, which includes both individual and group therapy. The aim of the treatment is for you to learn how to deal better with your social anxiety. We will work with you to set the pace of change and the goals for increasing your coping skills. We will help you gradually develop skills for reducing your social anxiety. In the best case, you will no longer feel socially anxious and completely at ease.

Depending on the severity of your social anxiety and your ability to manage group work and individual therapy, we will agree a programme of treatment and therapy. For some people working in groups may be the first step to learning new skills. The groups are supportive and understand social anxiety with others in the group able to relate to these experiences.

For those who would benefit for an intensive day programme we will ensure you have a full weekly review to make sure you are getting the most out of the programme and work to reducing your days with us as soon as is possible.

Our treatments for social anxiety disorder

  • Individual therapy

  • Specialised group therapy

  • Skills development groups

  • Exposure as a central element

Individual therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is often the treatment of choice for someone with social anxiety although it is not always the case. Our therapists have a broad knowledge of therapies and we can offer psychodynamic and psychological therapies including CBT. Individual therapy is encouraged on a brief intervention model to optimise the time you spend with your therapist and increase efficacy.

Skills development groups

We offer a wide range of skills development groups for the many difficulties associated with social anxiety. These include:

  • ‘Social skills’ group training
  • Relaxation training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Creative therapy
  • Coping with depression groups

Specialised group therapy

At Schoen Clinic we offer group therapy especially for people experiencing incapacitating anxiety and low mood, including social anxiety. You will learn methods and strategies for coping with or reducing your anxieties. In addition, you will share experiences and helpful strategies with each other, which decrease your feelings of loneliness and increase your self-awareness. The programmes provide an eclectic mix of psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and mindfulness/relaxation groups so that participants get a full and rounded treatment experience to promote rapid recovery.

Exposure as a central element

Attending the day programme can be daunting and it encourages you not to avoid but to take control. Gradual exposure to a stimulus or environment that triggers anxiety is a methodology that helps to reduce anxiety as are incrementally supported to build coping strategies to deal with the anxiety provoking situation. We therefore understand that gradually building up to attending groups can be helpful to some. Others may want to take advantage of our small groups and full programme, this exposure may be difficult to begin with but can quickly reduce as you experience positivity and acceptance among your peers at the clinic.