Specialised private adult eating disorder treatment in London

Eating disorders are serious mental and physical illnesses that affect millions of people worldwide. They can cause significant physical and emotional distress and require specialised treatment to overcome.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective treatments available for adults with eating disorders, ranging from therapy and counselling to medication and nutritional support.

Our eating disorder specialists at Schoen Clinic Chelsea are committed to improving the lives of those affected by disordered eating and, thanks to our breadth of knowledge and expertise, we are considered industry leaders in the fields of clinical research and innovative eating disorder treatments.

Eating disorder treatment for adults in London

Eating disorder treatment varies from person to person and is based on the specific disorder and symptoms. It often combines psychological counselling (psychotherapy), information on nutrition, medical supervision and occasionally medication.

In addition to treating the eating disorder itself, eating disorder treatment also deals with the additional health issues that are brought on by it, some of which can be life-threatening if left untreated. If an individual with an eating disorder doesn't get better with conventional treatment, or if the disorder progresses and severe health issues develop, they could require hospitalisation or inpatient care.

We offer highly specialised outpatient eating disorder treatment for adults at our leading London clinic and our specialists take a comprehensive approach to eating disorder treatment.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea we help adults manage their symptoms, regain a healthy weight, and preserve their physical and mental health.

To get started with private treatment, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

Access specialised adult eating disorder treatment at our leading London outpatient clinic

We're able to treat adults with a range of eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Chelsea. Some of the most common types of disordered eating we treat at our London eating disorders clinic are:

  • Anorexia - attempting to lose weight by either eating insufficiently, engaging in excessive exercise, or doing both
  • Bulimia - losing control over your eating habits, followed by severe measures to prevent weight gain
  • Other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED) - according to BEAT, this is the most common eating disorder, as it encompasses all those whose symptoms fall beyond the typical range for any particular eating disorder.

What does adult eating disorder treatment look like?

Treatment for adults with eating disorders can be delivered in many different ways. The treatment approach depends on the type of eating disorder and your specific needs as an individual.

This means that a person undergoing treatment for anorexia will most often follow a different course of action than a person receiving treatment for bulimia.

Our approach to treatment differs depending on the type of eating disorder being treated and its severity. Treatment could involve one-to-one eating disorder counselling, group therapy, wellness activities and could possibly include medication.

It's our mission to help people recover from eating disorders. Our adult eating disorder specialists are committed to delivering leading treatments for eating disorders, wholly focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

Your Consultant will advise the best course of treatment for you following your initial consultation.

What therapies are there for adults with disordered eating?

Treatment for adults with eating disorders typically involves a combination of therapies, such as:

  • One-to-one Consultant appointments.
  • Sometimes groups may be recommended to complement and better support your overall treatment plan.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • CBT: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
  • Family-based therapy (FBT).
  • Medication.

Begin your journey to eating disorder recovery at our world-leading private clinic in Chelsea. Simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

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About our eating disorders clinic

Schoen Clinic Chelsea is part of an award-winning international group, renowned for providing exceptional treatments for adults with eating disorders.

Nestled in a discreet location in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, our eating disorders clinic has successfully treated patients with disordered eating for many years.

To aid in the recovery of patients with a variety of eating disorders, our private outpatient eating disorder clinic in London offers:

  • A bright, contemporary setting
  • Six consulting rooms
  • Three group treatment rooms
  • A sizable patient lounge
  • A relaxation space
  • A fully equipped modern training kitchen to help those with eating disorders.

Outpatient eating disorder treatment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea generally involves structured therapy and clinical support on a regular basis while still allowing individuals to live at home and continue with daily activities.

Treatment may include a combination of individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and nutritional education. The goal of outpatient treatment is to change maladaptive behaviors, develop healthier eating habits, and address underlying emotional issues that contribute to the disorder.

The length of outpatient treatment can vary depending on the severity of the disorder and the individual's progress. Most of our patients require a minimum commitment of several weeks or months, with sessions typically scheduled once or twice per week.

What causes eating disorders in adults?

Eating disorders can present in a variety of ways and since each person is unique, there could be any number of factors contributing to their eating disorder.

When overwhelming emotions of worry and anxiety arise, an eating disorder serves to temporarily alleviate those feelings by channelling the individual's energy into an unhealthy obsession with food, eating or exercise.

As a result of these varying factors, there is no right or wrong way to have an eating disorder. And, when it comes to diagnosis, you may not "check all the boxes" you might assume you would to confirm you have an eating disorder.

Our approach to treating an eating disorder fully depends on the individual and their own needs and personal circumstances.

No matter the cause, our private eating disorder clinic in London is here to help you.

How to start your eating disorder treatment journey with us

To get started with private treatment, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

If you're looking for highly specialised adult eating disorder treatment in London, our experts are here to help.

The first step is to get a GP or healthcare professional referral if possible. To ensure you get the best possible outcome and ensure you’re right for treatment with us, we’ll look at your GP referral to get as much information as possible about you and your clinical history.

Call our caring team on +44 20 4571 6312 or email us today.

Let’s get you back to healthier eating habits again.

Our team of adult eating disorder specialists

We work as a multidisciplinary team for the benefit of each patient at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.

Our team consists of:

  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Dietitians

Our specialists have years of expertise in eating disorder treatment and work together, with you, to ensure you get the best possible outcome from treatment.

We're committed to delivering excellent outcomes

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we're dedicated to providing highly specialised, individualised eating disorder treatment that has the best possible outcome for each patient we treat.

Patient satisfaction is incredibly important to us. We use a variety of metrics to monitor how well our patients are doing, and we also ask everyone who uses our services to rate their experience and share details of any areas we could improve upon.

We believe the best outcomes can be achieved not only through the dedication of our highly experienced team but also through providing high-quality facilities and an environment free from judgement. We're dedicated to reinvesting in our services, and we use our patients' feedback to continuously develop and improve our offering.

Beginning eating disorder treatment

Firstly, our team will help you to identify your goals and set objectives for treatment. We'll work together to:

  • Develop your individualised treatment plan. This is a strategy for managing your eating disorder and establishing treatment objectives. It also clarifies what to do if you can't carry out your plan.
  • Address any physical problems. Your specialised team keeps an eye on and takes care of any health or medical problems brought on by your eating disorder.

  • Identify suitable aspects of therapy for you. We offer a range of workshops and group therapies which may be beneficial to you as you undergo eating disorder treatment.

Eating disorder recovery is possible

Eating disorders thrive in isolation, so it's important that you voice your concerns and seek support if you are worried that you or a friend or loved one may be developing an eating disorder.

Your chances of recovery are improved if you seek treatment for your eating disorder as quickly as possible. According to research, early intervention—seeking therapy during the first three years of developing the disorder—can improve the efficacy of treating eating disorders.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, patients can expect to work closely with our multidisciplinary team of eating disorder specialists who specialise in treating adults with disordered eating, including specialist eating disorder therapists, dietitians, and clinicians.

Overall, our eating disorder treatment in London offers comprehensive support for adults struggling with an eating disorder while still allowing them to maintain their normal routines and daily activities.

Our innovative, bespoke treatment plans provide the right level of support at every stage of the journey to recovery. Get in touch with the team at our leading private eating disorder clinic in London today.

Fast-access assessments for adults with eating disorders

Due to high demand, we've opened up additional fast-access assessment appointments with two of our leading experts for adults with suspected eating disorders or disordered eating.

The sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner we can create a bespoke treatment plan to help you on the road to recovery.

Helping people across London recover from eating disorders

Schoen Clinic Chelsea is conveniently located in West London, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Since opening our private eating disorders clinic, we've welcomed patients from all over London as well as individuals travelling from the surrounding areas to access our highly specialised treatments for disordered eating.

To get started with private treatment, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

For fast access to exceptional private healthcare at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, you can use your health insurance or simply fund your own treatment.

A tailored approach to eating disorder treatment, unique to each individual

Your treatment, your plan

If you're experiencing an eating disorder, it's possible you may be experiencing other common mental health problems that could be exacerbating the condition.

At our leading London mental health clinic, we treat a variety of mental health conditions and offer a holistic approach to address all aspects of your eating disorder to give you the best chance at recovery and optimal outcome from treatment.

As well as one-to-one treatment with your Schoen Clinic specialist, you may find it beneficial to join some of our group sessions as part of your personalised treatment package.

Your Consultant will advise the best course of treatment for you at your initial consulation. 

Some of our adult group therapies

You can talk about your feelings and thoughts in a natural and flexible way during group psychotherapy since it offers a secure environment. You can bring whatever topic you want to discuss because the group has an open format.

Receiving and giving criticism from peers as part of the therapy process, will help you understand the problems you bring to the table better.

The goal of this session is to support you in raising your self-esteem and boosting your level of self-awareness by examining any underlying emotions you might be feeling. This will help you develop a more harmonious and satisfying relationship with yourself.

A person may find it difficult to alter their emotional and mental routines. Because of roadblocks like fear of the unknown, existential anxieties, or relentless self-criticism, this is the case. Participants in this programme gain knowledge on how to use a variety of evidence-based techniques to pinpoint the causes of these challenges. The first step toward transformation is recognising the barriers.

Such challenges effectively change the way we view everything, whether it's the future, the world around us, or even just ourselves. They could be entirely intellectual, entirely emotional, or somewhere in between. The difficulties may be deeply ingrained and may seem so familiar that they are comforting. However, if we accept these well-known challenges, we put ourselves at risk for excessive worry, emotional distress, and personal restrictions.

Drawing, painting, collage, and other creative techniques are used in art therapy, commonly referred to as art psychotherapy, to help people convey and contain feelings and thoughts that are too difficult to put into words. Art psychotherapy is a sort of treatment that is available to people of all ages because you don't need to be very skilled in the arts to use it.
Aesthetics are not the main focus.

During sessions, participants discuss the artwork, the creative process, and the triangular therapeutic interaction between the patient, therapist, and artwork.

These sessions are supported by group analytic and psychodynamic techniques.

This group will be teaching and practising various mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness involves learning to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings with curiosity, non-judgement and acceptance.

(BMP) is a relational approach that involves patients and therapists collaborating creatively while utilising dance and body movement to help with the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual facets of self. BMP believes that our movements are just as crucial to communication and expression as our words.

The basic tenet of BMP is that your mind and body are intertwined and that any changes you make to your mind will also affect your body, and vice versa.

Marsha Linehan is the creator of the integrated therapeutic strategy known as dialectical behaviour therapy.
In order to better manage bouts of emotional dysregulation and the destructive behaviours that emerge from it, we at Schoen Clinic Chelsea teach the fundamental abilities in mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

People who battle with anxiety, depression, shame, and self-criticism/self-attack should pay particular attention to compassion centred approaches.

This group focuses on comprehending the science that underpins human nature and the reasons why we sometimes struggle with our complex emotions.

Through a variety of techniques, it promotes resilience to enable a more upbeat, cosy, supporting, and compassionate relationship with both ourselves and others.

This programme, which is based on the Minded Institute's 8-week yoga therapy course, attempts to change the way your nervous system functions so that you can feel better and be more aware of yourself.

Asana (physical practise), pranayama (breath work), and mindfulness will all be included in the sessions.
No prior yoga knowledge is required.

CBT, psychodynamic, Gestalt, and other experiential theories and techniques are all combined in the integrative and comprehensive paradigm of therapy known as schema therapy. Its emphasis is on unmet needs and childhood connection dynamics.

Schemas are intricate designs or models made up of memories, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and bodily experiences.
They are lifelong, self-defeating emotional and cognitive patterns that were formed during childhood and hurt people psychologically and emotionally.

Finding My Voice is a group looking at how we communicate honest and direct thoughts and opinions in an appropriate way.

The group investigates and pinpoints some of the underlying variables impacting how we relate to people while also examining the link between self-esteem and assertiveness using topics connected to communication styles.

In this group you can mindfully reflect on your week and notice any lingering or unresolved issues that may come up. By acknowledging your emotions and gathering your thoughts, you can then set some goals and intentions on how to proceed with your therapy.

This process promotes greater understanding of your therapeutic journey, provides motivation and increases your self-awareness.

Getting treated at our private London eating disorder clinic

1. Let's get you the help you need

To get started with private treatment, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

Or, just call us on +44 20 4571 6315 to book in.

A referral is preferable from your GP or healthcare professional as it contains essential information about your medical history.

Patients using private health insurance will need approval from their insurance company and an authorisation code before an appointment can be made.

2. Book an appointment or assessment 
Call our caring team on +44 20 4571 6315 or you can contact us using our online form.

3. Attend our friendly and welcoming clinic
If you are suitable for treatment with us, an appointment will be made for you to come into the clinic and a bespoke treatment plan will be made for you with the most appropriate expert.

4. Treatment begins
This will be arranged as soon as possible.

Our Chelsea-based eating disorder experts

Our eating disorder specialists in London work together as a multidisciplinary team for the benefit of each patient. Consisting of Consultant Psychiatrists, specialist eating disorder therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Dietitian, our specialists have extensive experience in adult eating disorder treatment and work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome from treatment.

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