Private anorexia treatment for adults in London

Anorexia is a serious mental health condition that affects people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. For adults who are struggling with anorexia, there are a variety of treatment options available that are shown to be effective for long-term recovery.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea our eating disorder specialists have extensive experience in helping adults to recover from anorexia. Treatment is carried out by our renowned multidisciplinary team (MDT), ensuring each patient is supported by a team of professionals with specialist expertise in the area.

Patients at our private anorexia treatment clinic in London have access to a range of interventions to support recovery, from specialised anorexia therapy to one-to-one anorexia counselling, dietetic meal support, group therapies and more.

The ultimate goal of anorexia treatment is to help adults achieve physical and emotional wellness, improve their relationships with food and their bodies, and develop sustainable coping strategies for maintaining long-term recovery.

How our anorexia treatment clinic helps adults in London

At Schoen Clinic, we've been treating eating disorders and other mental health issues for more than 37 years. Our dedication to improving the lives of those impacted by eating disorders has earned us recognition as leaders in the fields of clinical research and innovative therapies, and we were named the LaingBuisson Hospital Group of the Year 2020.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we offer one-to-one appointments with our anorexia experts and a range of group therapies for self-funding patients wanting a fast route to beginning therapy. Adults with anorexia can better manage their symptoms, regain a healthy weight, preserve their physical and emotional well-being, and frequently reverse the adverse effects caused by the eating disorder itself with the help of our highly specialised therapy.

Our teams also work closely with patients and their families to deliver the most holistic care with a high rate of recovery.

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Diagnosing anorexia nervosa in adults

Our anorexia specialists in London are available to help and offer fast private assessments for individuals with suspected anorexia if a diagnosis has not yet been made by a GP, Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) team, or another healthcare professional.

Adult anorexia is diagnosed using similar diagnostic standards as paediatric anorexia:

  • Persistent restriction of energy intake leading to significantly low body weight
  • Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, or persistent behavior that interferes with weight gain (e.g., vomiting or using laxatives)
  • Distorted body image or self-perception, including psychological denial of the seriousness of low body weight
  • Absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles (in females who have begun menstruating)
  • Behaviour that interferes with weight gain, such as excessive exercise, restrictive eating, or purging (e.g., vomiting or using laxatives)
  • Mental health problems (such as stress, anxiety and depression) or social withdrawal

To accurately diagnose anorexia in adults, our team takes multiple factors into account, including medical history, physical symptoms, and psychological behaviour. Note: diagnosis must be made by a mental health professional and cannot be self-diagnosed.

Key symptoms of anorexia in older individuals include unexplained weight loss or difficulties maintaining a healthy weight, loss of appetite or excessive calorie tracking, increased social isolation or avoidance, and depression or anxiety.

Access private treatment for adults at our West London anorexia clinic

Start your treatment journey today. For fast access to exceptional private healthcare at Schoen Clinic Chelsea, you can use your health insurance or simply fund your own treatment. Call our caring team direct on +44 20 4571 7452 or email us today.

Men make up around 25% of people with anorexia nervosa

Although anorexia nervosa is frequently associated with women, it can also affect men. According to studies, up to 25% of people who struggle with anorexia nervosa are male (Sweeting et al. via BEAT).

It's critical to understand that anorexia nervosa can affect anyone, regardless of gender and is a serious, possibly life-threatening illness.

Our anorexia treatment clinic in London welcomes both men and women who are struggling with anorexia and encourage those experiencing anorexia to seek support and treatment as soon as possible.

If you're looking for highly specialised anorexia treatment near you, our team at Schoen Clinic Chelsea offer comprehensive anorexia therapy to help you recover.


Anorexia treatment options for adults in London

Although adult anorexia is a serious and challenging disorder, recovery rates are good when treatment is started quickly. At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we provide comprehensive anorexia treatment that incorporates counselling, various therapies, social engagement, medical attention, and family involvement. With the assistance of our anorexia specialists in London, adults suffering from anorexia can overcome their condition and work to lead happy, healthy lives.

Parents and families are crucial in the treatment of anorexia, often being the first to notice that something has changed or begun to develop. If you believe that you or your child may have anorexia, please contact our team as soon as possible to find out more about our highly specialised anorexia therapy. Our anorexia treatment in London is available for adults over the age of 18.

If anorexia has not yet been established, our adult anorexia specialists can help by identifying the early indications and symptoms, making a diagnosis, and developing a personalised treatment plan.

What to expect from an anorexia treatment plan for adults.

At Schoen Clinic Chelsea, we understand that each individual is unique and experiences anorexia in their own way. That's why our treatment plans are tailored to each individual to ensure the best possible outcome from treatment.

A typical anorexia treatment plan for adults at our private anorexia centre in London involves a multidisciplinary approach to address both the physical and mental aspects of the disorder.

  • The first step in the treatment process is often a medical evaluation to assess any health complications resulting from malnutrition, dehydration, or electrolyte imbalances.
  • The treatment plan often involves a combination of psychological therapy and medical interventions. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a common approach used in anorexia treatment, which aims to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours related to body image, food, and weight.
  • Family-based therapy may also be used to involve the individual's support system in the treatment process.
  • Nutritional counselling and meal planning are also crucial components of our adult anorexia treatment plans. Our Dietitian will work with the individual to develop a balanced eating plan to restore healthy eating habits and address nutritional deficiencies.

Treatment for adults with anorexia requires a long-term commitment to recovery and ongoing support from our multdisiciplinary team. Recovery from anorexia can be challenging, but with the right treatment approach, individuals can achieve a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Our approach to highly specialised adult anorexia treatment in London

As a highly specialised outpatient anorexia clinic in London, Schoen Clinic Chelsea assists adults in learning positive coping mechanisms and building better relationships with food, whilst causing minimal disruption to individuals' daily lives.

We tailor our anorexia therapies to meet the needs of each patient depending on the stage of anorexia development and offer comprehensive treatments that put patients in the centre of a caring team of specialists.

In consultation with our team of top anorexia specialists, all treatment plan components can be modified to meet specific needs and an initial treatment plan will be agreed upon before any treatment begins.

Regulated weight restoration is paired with psychological therapies that emphasise psychological growth during the duration of treatment.

To get started with private treatment, simply fill out our online pre-screening questionnaire any time to suit you.

Risks and outcomes

Anorexia treatment for adults can carry several risks, including potential emotional trauma due to addressing the underlying issues that caused the eating disorder.

Some adults may struggle with confronting past traumas, body dysmorphia and self-esteem issues, which could worsen during treatment. Additionally, there is the possibility of relapse, especially if the underlying issues are not fully addressed.

However, the benefits of anorexia treatment for adults far outweigh the risks, as it allows individuals to build coping mechanisms, regain control of their lives, improve their physical health and reduce the risk of long-term complications such as organ damage and infertility.

It also offers a chance for people with anorexia to build a support system, which is essential for recovery. With highly specialised care and support from loved ones, anorexia treatment can lead to a positive outcome and a happier, healthier life.

Parent feedback December 2022

"The progress that our daughter has made under the care and supervision of the clinic has been remarkable.

Not only did they give our daughter the support she needed, but they also provided amazing support for us as parents. They were always available to answer any questions and reassure us when things were difficult.

We also found the parents group of great help, as we could speak to other parents experiencing the same challenges and issues as our daughter."

Our specialist anorexia treatment facilities in Chelsea

To support the recovery of adults with anorexia, our private outpatient anorexia centre in London offers:

  • A light, modern environment
  • Six consultation spaces
  • Three rooms for group therapy
  • A spacious patient lounge
  • A relaxation space
  • A contemporary training kitchen with all the necessary amenities to aid adults with eating disorders.

Our multidisciplinary team (MDT) of adult anorexia specialists

Adults receiving anorexia treatment at our highly specialised clinic in Chelsea will be under the care of our experienced multidisciplinary team. The team includes:

  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists (and Assistant Psychologists)
  • Nurses (Lead, Senior Staff Nurses)
  • Dietitians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • CBT Therapists
  • Healthcare Assistants

Our MDT has extensive experience in treating adults with anorexia and they work together to ensure each individual undergoing treatment has the best possible outcome.

We're part of an award-winning hospital group

Schoen Clinic Chelsea is part of an award-winning international hospital group, with an enviable reputation for providing exceptional treatments for adults with anorexia.

Nestled in a discreet location in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, our adult anorexia clinic has supported individuals from across London and the surrounding areas for many years.

Along with our private outpatient clinic for adults with anorexia in Chelsea, Schoen Clinic also has a highly specialised hospital for children and young people in Birmingham and a specialised eating disorders hospital for adults in York.

Our adult anorexia specialists in London

Our anorexia specialists in London work together as a multidisciplinary team for the benefit of each patient. Consisting of Consultant Psychiatrists, specialist eating disorder therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Dietitian, our specialists have extensive experience in adult anorexia treatment and work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome from treatment.

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