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Schoen Clinic London One of the First UK Hospitals to Take Possession of Microsoft HoloLens Smart Glasses to Enhance the Delivery of Patient Outcome Excellence

Schoen Clinic London is one of the first UK hospitals to take possession of a set of Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses to assist in enhancing patient treatment and clinical outcomes. 

The device’s mixed reality capabilities will empower Schoen Clinic London Surgeons to connect with remote experts around the world, call up patient data and go beyond x-rays to consult MRI images at the point of care.

Leading medical device company Zimmer Biomet has collaborated with Microsoft to release the OptiVu™ Mixed Reality Solutions platform for Orthopaedic surgery.

Schoen Clinic London is already a Visitation Centre for ROSA® Robotic Knee Replacement using Persona - the personalised knee replacement solution - and will now become a Visitation Centre for this technology enhancing training, making surgeon-surgeon visitation easier globally to see Mr Rajaratnam using this latest innovation in healthcare technology.

Schoen Clinic London were also the first private hospital in the UK to begin using ROSA® Robotic Knee Replacement.

Mr Sam Rajaratnam (pictured, right), Director of Orthopaedic Surgery and leading Consultant Knee Specialist at Schoen Clinic London, says: "The OptiVu™ Mixed Reality Solutions platform with the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses will revolutionise how we as Orthopaedic Surgeons deliver patient treatment."

"The future is here - Mixed Reality will connect us to all the information and specialist care we need right at the patient's bedside. In addition, holographically overlaying patient data at the point of care will reduce procedure times and complication rates.  We can also connect the user to anyone in the world and feel like they are present with them in the theatre."

View a short video reel of the technology – Microsoft Hololens Glasses.

Mr Sam Rajaratnam is internationally renowned as one of the leading knee surgeons in the UK, having performed over 4500 Knee Replacement operations in his career, with amongst the best clinical results on the National Joint Registry.

He has championed the concept of "Rapid Recovery” and “improved pain relief" following joint replacement surgery, and lectures internationally on the subject.

He performs amongst the highest number of knee replacements each year on the UK National Joint Registry, (approximately 400 knee replacements annually) with excellent and transparent outcomes, and is Director of Orthopaedic Surgery at Schoen Clinic London

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