Foot & Ankle Surgery & Conditions

Feet and ankles are easy to overlook. Although you rely on your feet and ankles every day, you rarely consider them until there is a problem. It may be a sudden injury or a condition that has lain dormant for many years which unexpectedly becomes an issue.
Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic can relieve acute pain through inserts or splints. We can also permanently correct the displacement through surgical treatment.

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Flat Feet

Our foot surgeons at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in treating flat feet and high arches. Your feet are in the best hands with us.

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Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is actually the strongest tendon in the whole body, but frequent high stresses can cause issues.

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Ankle Cartilage Injuries

At Schoen Clinic, you can receive comprehensive advice from our foot and ankle specialists and discuss which treatment is best for your symptoms.

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Ankle Joint: Arthrosis

Three bones, one joint, a thousand steps a day – your ankle joint copes with a lot. If you are experiencing pain, cartilage wear, known as ankle joint arthrosis, may be responsible.

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Hallux Rigidus (Arthritis in Toes)

If every step is agony, a degenerative disorder (arthritis) in the big toe joint may be the cause. Arthritis makes your big toe stiff and causes pain in your foot.

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Torn Ankle Ligament

A torn ligament is often painful and causes swelling in the injured foot, meaning that you can no longer walk without pain.

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Knowledge & Insights

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