Osteoarthritis hip (hip arthritis)

Osteoarthritis of the hip is a common cause of pain and stiffness around the hip which can severely affect your quality of life.


Our team of hip experts will help you regain your quality of life

The hip joint is one of the most important in the body, we rely on our hip joints for virtually every activity in life. When the hip stops working effectively our quality of life becomes severely affected. Wear and tear of the joint (osteoarthritis) affects just over 10% of the population, 3% severely. It can occur in any joint but weight bearing joints such as you hip are more commonly affected.

Osteoarthritis causes a combination of pain and stiffness of the joint.

Everyday tasks such as bending, putting on your shoes and even walking gradually becomes more difficult. As it worsens it can become more difficult to sleep.

Although there is no cure for wear and tear arthritis, there are many options to help you improve your symptoms. The earlier you commence treatment the more likely you can maintain your quality of life.

At Schoen Clinic we explore every avenue to help improve your symptoms and quality of life, aiming to delay the need for a joint replacement where possible.

If conservative treatments fail to help then a hip replacement may become necessary.  Our experts use the latest surgical and anaesthetic techniques to ensure a successful outcome from your surgery.

We at Schoen Clinic pride ourselves on providing you with the very best care for your hip problem. Our world class multi-disciplinary team will ensure that our Enhanced Recovery Programme will enable you to return to normal in the shortest possible time.

Osteoarthritis hip symptoms

The hip is a common site of pain; often the pain itself originates directly from the joint surfaces – usually due to osteoarthritis. Sometimes, however, hip pain can arise from pain in the tissues around the hip or from wear and tear of the back. A precise diagnosis of the origin your hip problem will help lead to rapid treatment and recovery.

The hip joint is essentially a ball in a socket. Arthritis of the hip is a progressive process where the normally smooth surface of the joint (articular cartilage) becomes worn down so that the underlying bone becomes exposed. The hip gradually stiffens and its range movement becomes limited, making even simple tasks difficult. Initially these symptoms vary in their severity, however, as the damage to the joint progresses the symptoms become more persistent and intrusive.

The commonest cause of arthritis is simple wear and tear of the joint. However, other causes include inflammatory conditions of the joint, infection, previous injury or abnormalities of the joint you may have been born with.

During your consultation our hip specialists will take a comprehensive history, perform a detailed examination and arrange appropriate investigations using our imaging equipment so that an accurate diagnosis of your hip problems can be made. In conjunction with our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team we will suggest a treatment plan.


At Schoen Clinic we have the latest imaging equipment including MRI and CT as well as ultrasound scanning and digital x-ray.

In arthritis of the hip, x-ray imaging will usually confirm the diagnosis. If necessary, further scans may be requested to allow a thorough assessment of your hip. An MRI scan can identify soft tissue problems which can’t be identified on an x-ray.

Osteoarthritis of the hip - treatment options

If you have been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis, we will discuss with you all the available therapeutic options. In many cases conservative treatments can stop or delay the need for more invasive solutions such as surgery. We believe in giving good professional advice on the condition of your hip, so that we can agree on a treatment plan together.

At Schoen Clinic we believe you should be looked after by world class experts in their field of surgery. Consequently our hip surgeons work collaboratively as a team ensuring you see the very best person to deal with your problem. We have nationally recognised experts in both the field of keyhole hip surgery (hip arthroscopy) and minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery

At Schoen Clinic, our leading hip surgeons are experts in joint replacement surgery and have some of the best results on the UK National Joint Registry. The Schoen Clinic philosophy is to practice evidence based medicine to ensure you receive the very best care at every stage of your treatment. We also believe in evidencing the outcomes of the treatments we give to ensure every patient receives the very best care. This way we can ensure continuous improvement in the care we give. This core philosophy is fundamental to the Schoen Clinic Group and has led to Schoen Clinic being regarded as one of the leaders in the healthcare field in Europe. We are proud of this new approach to healthcare in London.

Hip replacement surgery is one of modern medicine’s most successful interventions. Patients usually regain completely normal function and in most cases their new hip will last them the rest of their lives. Your surgeon will discuss the implant best suited to your needs.

Prior to your surgery you will be invited to a thorough multi-disciplinary pre-assessment with a Consultant Anaesthetist, Nurse and a Physiotherapist. This is to help prepare you for your surgery, identify any medical needs and plan for your return home after your successful surgery. 

Rehabilitation and aftercare

Our pioneering anaesthetists have developed special anaesthetic techniques to match the minimally invasive surgical technique. This allows a rapid return to normal function whilst minimising discomfort and nausea. Such is the success of our Rapid Recovery Programme that it is common for patients to walk on their new hip within hours of their surgery.

Schoen Clinic London is the first and only elective orthopaedic hospital to have resident intensive care consultants looking after patients 24 hours a day on the ward. This enables us to provide the highest possible level of care and safety, thus minimising the risk of complications.

With our Rapid Recovery Programme patients are usually happy to return home within a few days of surgery.  

Following discharge we would normally see you at two weeks to check on your progress. Commonly you will be able to return to driving providing you are safe to do so.

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Osteoarthritis hip
Osteoarthritis hip
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