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As the largest family-run hospital group in Germany, we have specialised in the medical specialties of mental health, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and general medicine.

Highest quality through specialisation

Schoen Clinic treats patients with statutory and private insurance.
Schoen Clinic treats patients with statutory and private insurance.

Since our foundation by the Schoen family in 1985, we have concentrated on the medical specialties of mental health, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and general medicine. These specialisations allow for a particularly in-depth understanding of certain disorders, so that we can provide our patients with excellent medical care and the highest standards of quality. Each year, our 10,600 employees treat around 300,000 patients at currently 26 locations in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our aim is to give every patient the prospect of a better quality of life. To do so, we invest above the average compared to other industries in the long term in our staff and modern infrastructure. Targeted cooperation through experienced doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists or self-help groups is part of our concept to also provide the best-possible care for patients during their stay at the hospital.

Pioneer in quality measurement

A crucial pillar of our success is our consistent focus on quality. Since 1986 – and a lot earlier than other institutions – Schoen Clinic has assessed its treatment results and used them to make improvements for its patients across all of its hospitals. To this end, we have developed our own measuring instrument (the Medical Quality and Excellence Index, or MedQEX) that assesses the quality of the hospital stay based on three criteria: quality of treatment, patient safety and patient experience.

For us, the benefits our patients gain from their treatment is the most important factor. Optimised processes and precise data evaluations support this goal. For this method, Schoen Clinic has received huge international recognition and praise for many years.


of our Endo Aktiv patients require a blood transfusion after their hip surgery - opposed to 22 % with conventional methods.

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Dieter Schoen, majority shareholder of our hospital group and administrative board chair, discusses health, employees and goals in an interview.

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We always want to improve, for the benefit of our patients. We therefore engage in research projects and support clinical studies.

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As a family business, we take responsibility for our patients, staff and the environment and are actively engaged in our community.

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Through our comprehensive investments, we are creating the framework for excellent medicine that reaches both our patients and our staff.

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We have been continuously building on our priorities, furthering our specialisms and developing our range of treatments for over 30 years.

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