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Find information on the procurement, construction and building departments that are central to Schoen Clinic and based in Prien.
Procurement at Schoen Clinic

You will find information, contact partners and the supplier portal of Schoen Clinic here.

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Construction and building Department

Find your contact persons for construction services here.

Our construction and building department

Current tenders can be found in the supplier portal

Please use our supplier portal to participate in all Schoen Clinic tenders. The procurement department at Schoen Clinic looks forward to a professional and Internet-based cooperation!
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Meet our Owner

Dieter Schoen, majority shareholder of our hospital group and administrative board chair, discusses health, employees and goals in an interview.

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Schoen Clinic in Numbers

20 seconds to 32 years - an overview of our hospital group in numbers.

Our introduction

Our employees do not just treat you, they look after you. Learn more about people and their motivation at Schoen Clinic.

Insights into our work
Research & Teaching

We always want to improve, for the benefit of our patients. We therefore engage in research projects and support clinical studies.

Science and research at Schoen Clinic
Our Responsibility

As a family business, we take responsibility for our patients, staff and the environment and are actively engaged in our community.

Our social engagement
Our Investments

Through our comprehensive investments, we are creating the framework for excellent medicine that reaches both our patients and our staff.

Our investments in world-class medicine
Our Management

Our management consists of the Members of the Administrative Board of Directors and the Executive Directors.

About our management
Our History

We have been continuously building on our priorities, furthering our specialisms and developing our range of treatments for over 30 years.

Our development since 1985

First point of contact for journalists

Our company communication team is the first point of contact for media and is happy to support journalists in their work. We speak on behalf of 10,000 employees, 300,000 patients and our clinics in Germany and the United Kingdom.
Schoen Clinic Press Area