An Interview with Schoen Clinic's Owner

Dieter Schoen established the Schoen Clinic with his family and has continued to develop it for over thirty years. Today he is the administrative board chair and majority shareholder of our hospital group along with his family.

What is it about healthcare that interests you?

Dieter Schoen is the administrative board chair and majority shareholder of our hospital group.Medicine was never just some business sector to me. Medicine is something with profound meaning. That is why with us, you will meet world-class physicians, carers, researchers, digital professionals, specialists and kind souls -who are often one and the same. Some think sure, it would not improve the medical quality and health care services. We deliver evidence to the contrary every day, and that is exactly what drives us. No one goes into the healthcare sector solely to make money. It is ultimately about health, the most precious commodity.

Do you have a recipe for success?

We have specialised in certain pathologies from the beginning, which we penetrate to their full depth and for which we have developed our own standards in the Schoen Clinic. Because what we do often, we can also do especially well. And we do not just treat, we take care.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

We have measured our treatment results for over thirty years, and so a lot longer than most. We also consistently check our work against the latest research findings. Much of it comes from the Schoen Clinic, incidentally. We are driven to find the best possible treatment for our patients at a high quality level. Medical success of treatments matters most to the patients - and yet what they most remember later is the friendliness and devotion that they experienced on their path to recovery at the Schoen Clinic.

Do you find enough employees - and what can you offer them?

First-rate doctors, therapists and caregivers work for us, some of whom even transferred to us from university hospitals. Some might have been sceptical before about private institutions. But I see how we win them over in the long run: with our awareness of quality, our innovative ability and investment power, and the opportunity to create freedom. It is gotten around by now. The regular exchange within expert groups at all levels at the Schoen Clinic also makes the difference. Many new employees come because they want to grow personally and professionally.

Our financial strength gives us the authority to design our hospitals and the workspaces in them according to our vision. This is also a reason why we and our hospital group regularly land in the top ten best employers in the healthcare sector when employee surveys are conducted.

Do you feel any cost pressure?

Medicine and economy undoubtedly share a tense relationship on a daily basis. But with us, it is always the doctors, caregivers and therapists who decide on the best therapy for the patients. This freedom is important, because every disease progression is unique. And this is why there is also treatment at the Schoen Clinic.

What goals are you pursuing as a hospital group?

We do not handle isolated medical disciplines based on patterns, but rather the needs of the individual disease symptoms. Thus we have already accumulated a lot of experience, and now we carry this knowledge over into an intensive network with outpatient and digital care. The patients want this freedom to choose. That is where the future lies, and that is why we continue to grow. This also includes bringing our expertise and treatment concepts to other countries.

One of our secrets to success is that we question our processes and structures over and over again. This can be pretty exhausting for our employees sometimes. But I have the impression that this striving to improve is exactly what keeps many of them at the Schoen Clinic in the long run.

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