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Barbara Brandl

Responsible for investment purchasing

Birgit Pfaffinger

Responsible for the fleet management and travelling

Christina Herzog

Responsible for urology, stoma, sterilisation, drainage biopsy, patient positioning, incontinence, instruments, promotional products, physical therapy, tracheostomy tubes, radiology and endoscopy consumables

Christine Auburger

Responsible for investment purchasing

Elisabeth Kebinger

Responsible for infusion needs, nutrition and baby food, purchasing processes, e-procurement, supplier management

Frederick Jess

Responsible for implants and wound care

Guido Schütz

Department head for services, workwear and food

Irene Dick

Responsible for information technology, IT product services and general services, licence management

Judith Kirchleitner

Responsible for operation and office equipment and kitchen equipment

Lars Brüderl

Responsible for medical technology

Roland Meynberg

Responsible for the goods groups of print and media

Stephan Sailer

Responsible for the area of construction and technical services

Sylvia Bichler

Responsible for domestic & economic requirements, commercial supplies, office supplies, dressing materials, disinfectants, surgical kits, surgical drapes, disposable surgical textiles, gloves, bandages

Veronika Staltmair

Responsible for blood and blood products, pharmaceuticals, infusions, injection and transfusion requirements, SAP MM KeyUser


Responsibility product groups - an overview

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