Research and Teaching

As a family business, we have pursued our aspiration for medical excellence for more than three decades. To aid our continuous improvement, we collect results from our treatments, and analyse them in a structured way.

Quality and Research

Schoen Clinic wins prestigious HBI award.Through this extensive quality management, we are able to continuously improve our services for our patients. Science and research also form an essential part of our medical self-image. To further develop our treatment methods on the basis of scientific studies, our consultants and therapists get involved in clinical research, and take part in national and international research projects.

Collaborations with Universities and Endowed Chairs

We work with universities in all corners of Germany and Austria. We also support research and teaching through Endowed Chairs and research institutes. Through this, we can ensure that the latest scientific knowledge is used directly in clinical practice.

Schoen Clinic Cooperation with Universities Endowed Chair
Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  
Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen Philipps University of Marburg W2 Professor of Psychotherapy Research, Prof Dr Eva-Lotta Brakemeier
Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf W2 Professor of Psychosomatic Therapy and Care Research, Prof Dr Yvonne Nestoriuc
Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg  
Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land Philipps University of Marburg Endowed Chair of Pneumological Rehabilitation, Prof Dr Klaus Kenn, Chief Physician (Pneumology) at Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land
Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek Hamburg University of Applied Sciences W2 Professor of Navigation Technology in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Prof Dr Frank Lampe, Chief Physician (Endoprosthetics) at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek
Schön Klinik Management SE Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences  
Schoen Clinic München Harlaching Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg  
Schoen Clinic Neustadt University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein/University of Lübeck  
Schoen Clinic Roseneck Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  
Schoen Clinic Roseneck Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg  
Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich APL Professor of Paediatric Rehabilitation and Movement Disorders, Prof Dr Steffen Berweck, Senior Physician at the Hospital for Neuropaediatrics and Neurological Rehabilitation, Epilepsy and Outpatients at Schoen Clinic Vogatreuth
Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg  
Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth University of Tübingen W3 Professor of Neuroplasticity in Children, Prof Dr Martin Staudt, Chief Physician (Neuropaediatics) at Schoen Clinic Vogatreuth

Research Grant for Junior Staff

Our Professor Dr Manfred Fichter Fellowship is an example of the value that we place on research. The grant is awarded annually to junior Schoen Clinic staff, and allows them to work and carry out research abroad for up to one year, in order to acquire new skills. Prof Fichter laid the foundations for the success of our hospital group, and together with his colleagues in the parent company, Schoen Clinic Roseneck, he successfully built on them. From the outset, he has been known for measuring therapeutic effects, and for qualitative empirically-based psychosomatic treatment. To this day, he shapes the DNA of our hospital group. With this grant, which is named after him, his ideas can be pursued.

Foundations for the success of our hospital group

Psychosomatics, Orthopaedics, Neurology: Clinical Research in all Disciplines

Helping to pave the way for the medicine is the aim of our research, and the continuous improvement of therapies is our motivation. Compared to international standards, we therefore achieve excellent treatment results. This has been confirmed in psychosomatic medicine, for instance in a study relating to inpatient treatment of young people with anorexia (1).

Further highlights from our many hundreds of research projects: A study in the field of Orthopaedics investigated how the therapeutic success of patients with knee TEP could be better projected and optimised (2). A study in spinal surgery made a significant contribution to how we identify patients at risk of spinal canal narrowing (spinal canal stenosis) in advance, and how the surgical methods can be adapted (3).

A neurological study had great practical relevance for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. It showed that a specific two-week physiotherapy programme could reduce the number of freezing episodes (4).

Cited Research Projects

  1. Voderholzer U. et al.: European Eating Disorders Review (2016) 24(3):214-222
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