Psychotherapist - Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Evangelia Mylona

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

Psychotherapist - Anxiety & Mood Disorders


Evangelia Mylona is a top private Psychotherapist in London specialising in anxiety and mood disorders. She offers fast private appointments at Schoen Clinic Chelsea.

She is a practicing Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, providing talking therapy on an individual and group basis. Her main areas of experience include working with personality and attachment issues, troubled relationships, anger management, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Using a Humanistic approach, Evangelia focuses on supporting the growth of self-awareness and well-being by promoting the development of a strong relationship with the self. She is particularly interested in exploring the underlying emotions and behavioural patterns that may interrupt self-actualisation. Working collaboratively with the individual, she supports open communication between the person and the self, by exploring how low self-esteem and diminished self-worth affect the person’s formation of relationships and understanding of the world; Ultimately supporting the individual to move toward reclaiming a sense of safety and fulfilment in life.

Evangelia welcomes privately insured patients to her Schoen Clinic Chelsea practice or those wishing to self-fund treatment at Schoen Clinic Chelsea. Book an appointment today by calling +44 20 4571 9791.