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Multidisciplinary team

Working with healthcare professionals to deliver outstanding patient outcomes

At Schoen Clinic, we treat every patient as a partner in their care with an individualised approach, whist at the same time maintaining close communication with the referrer.

Why refer to Schoen Clinic:

  • Patients can be seen and treated at their convenience.
  • Consultant led care. You and your patient can choose a specific consultant.
  • Outstanding clinical outcomes.
  • Low risk of infection.
  • Fixed price packages.

Referring a patient to Schoen Clinic

Referring your patients to Schoen Clinic is quick and easy. All our services are developed around a managed patient pathway, starting with an expert assessment and a personalised treatment plan, and ending with a planned discharge.

With four locations across the UK, Schoen Clinic currently specialises in two main areas of healthcare,  Orthopaedics & Spinal plus Mental Health.

Referring for Orthopaedics

  • Physiotherapy after shoulder surgery

    Schoen Clinic London is an award-winning, centre of excellence for spine, orthopaedics and sports & exercise medicine treating private patients with health insurance and those choosing to pay for their own treatment.

    Schoen Clinic
    Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London

    66 Wigmore Street
    London W1U 2SB

    Call our bookings team telephone our use the referral letter template below to refer your patient.

    Tel: +44 20 3929 0809

Referring for Mental Health

  • Movement therapy

    Schoen Clinic Chelsea is a highly specialised private outpatient and day clinic. We treat children, young people and adults with eating disorders, and adults with anxiety and mood disorders. We offer an innovative stepped care model which enables patients to move between our structured therapy programmes and individual outpatient treatment in a seamless way.

    Schoen Clinic
    Centre for Mental Health Chelsea

    13a Radnor Walk
    London SW3 4BP

    Call our bookings team telephone our use the referral letter template below to refer your patient.

    Tel:  +44 20 3146 2300

  • Young girl in consultation

    Located in the Midlands, Schoen Clinic Birmingham — Newbridge House is a CQC outstanding, national centre for children and young people with eating disorders. We offer an inpatient treatment pathway for children and young people, and outpatient programmes for adults and young people.

    Schoen Clinic Newbridge
    Newbridge House

    147 Chester Road
    Sutton Coldfield
    Birmingham B74 3NE

    Call our bookings team telephone our use the referral letter template below to refer your patient.

    Tel: +44 121 580 8362

  • Woman getting advice

    Located in North England, Schoen Clinic York is an inpatient clinic specialised in the treatment for adults with eating disorders and complex personality and dissociative identity disorders. The majority of our patients are funded by NHS. We offer outcome-focused treatment packages in a discrete, safe and therapeutic facility.

    Schoen Clinic York
    The Retreat
    Heslington Road
    York YO10 5BN

    Call our bookings team telephone our use the referral letter template below to refer your patient.

    Tel: +44 1904 404243

Schoen Clinic Learning Academy (SCLA)

Schoen Clinic Learning Academy

Our mission

As part of our commitment to share our clinical expertise we have created a centre of learning excellence, educational support and professional development.

Working in collaboration with Schoen Clinic specialist clinicians and other stakeholders to enhance the professional development experience and to provide expert advice and guidance in the management of specific patient issues relating to our service provision and expertise across Schoen Clinic UK.

We will be running a series of live events via webinars for MSK and Mental Health, the initial being our twenty:twenty series. This is in response to feedback from our referrers and is aimed at giving healthcare professionals a clear vision in the management of various treatments for specific conditions.

Our resources and information will be available online and on demand.

On-Demand webinars

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