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Work at Schoen Clinic

Our Purpose is to provide the best individualised specialist care, helping people feel better and recover faster.

We robustly measure our clinical outcomes and are widely regarded as leaders in our specialised fields - eating disorders and mental health conditions.  

Our aim is for you and your patients to have the best possible experience in a safe and caring environment. 

Our experts work together in multidisciplinary teams to ensure the patient has the best and highest possible level of clinical input, to achieve the best clinical outcome.

Some of our experts are employed directly by Schoen Clinic and some work under Practising Privileges. All experts are approved by our Medical Advisory Committees before being permitted to work in any Schoen Clinic facility.

If you are interested in joining us or would just like a chat, please email the relevant people below who would be more than happy to talk to you.

Schoen Clinic Chelsea
Please email the Clinic Director Adam Bloor 

Schoen Clinic Newbridge (Birmingham)
Please email the Hospital Director here.

Schoen Clinic York
Please email the Hospital Director Chloe Baron