Basic exercises at home to strengthen your lower back
Exercises to prevent back pain
Enjoy playing with your children with a stronger back

Top exercises for a stronger back

It only takes a few minutes per day to avoid back pain. Our experts have put together six exercises to assist you in effectively strengthening the muscles to help stabilise your back. Whether at home or in the office, these exercises can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

Here are our top exercises to strengthen your back:

  • Circle
  • Extension
  • Wings
  • Flexion
  • Sliding
  • Kegel (pelvic-floor exercises)

1. Circle

Starting position: Stand on one leg, stretch the free leg diagonally forward and keep the pelvis straight.

While inhaling, let the stretched leg circle over the middle inwards and then downwards. When exhaling, let the leg circle outwards and then upwards.

Exercise 1: Circle

2. Extension

Starting position: upright position, straight back and shoulders deep.

Roll over the balls of your feet on your toes while inhaling, stretching your arms upwards. As you exhale, come back to the sole of your feet and lower your arms.

Exercise 2: Extension

3. Wings

Starting position: Hip-wide stand, straight back and shoulders deep, knees slightly bent.

While inhaling raise your arms to shoulder level. When exhaling, raise your arms up and lower them back to your hips.

Exercise 3: Wings

4. Flexion

Starting position: Stand with your hips wide apart, stretch your arms forward.

Bend your knees when breathing out, lower your bottom backwards and your upper body in a line forward. Raise and lower your arms alternately. When breathing in, stretch your legs again. Important: The knees should always be behind the tips of the toes.

Exercise 4: Flexion

5. Sliding

Starting position: Upright position, arms stretched forward, shoulders low, slight double chin.

When breathing in, push your arms forward. When breathing out, pull them back towards your spine. The shoulder blades glide along the chest.

Exercise 5: Sliding

6. Kegel (pelvic-floor exercises)

Option 1

Starting position: Sit in an upright position, stretch your arms forward.

As you exhale, tilt your pelvis and roll back slightly vertebra by vertebra. Keep abdominal tension while inhaling and come forward with a rounded back when exhaling. As you inhale, straighten up vertebra by vertebra.

Option 2

Practice as above: Return to the starting position and tilt the pelvis as you exhale. As you roll back vertebra by vertebra, simultaneously turn to one side and move both arms to the side. When breathing in, return to the starting position vertebra by vertebra.

Exercise 6: Kegel (pelvic-floor exercises)