Your personalised plan to regain mobility

Research shows us that the earlier you get out of bed and start walking, eating and drinking after your operation, the shorter your recovery time will be. We call this “Rapid Recovery”, an evidenced based approach, which allows you to get back to normal life and enjoy things as quickly as possible. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic London are pioneers in Rapid Recovery, aiming to mobilise you within 6 hours after your operation (surgery), helping to avoid lengthy recovery time to ensure you get back to life quicker than you would with traditional bed rest.

This is all part of your patient journey from initial diagnosis to after your surgery.

One of the key principles of the Rapid Recovery approach is that we support you to effectively plan all stages carefully before and after surgery, helping to reduce the emotional and physical stress of your operation and recovery.


How does Rapid Recovery work?

The Rapid Recovery Programme is specifically designed to get you moving again as soon as possible after surgery.

Our unique programme is a research based, combination of - prehab exercises before your surgery, the most modern anaesthetics and specific surgical techniques, a tailored pain management programme and exercise plan post-surgery, all to shorten your recovery time. The goal is to get you back on your feet within 6 hours of completing your procedure, this will ensure a fast and effective return to normal function and mobility.

Pre- Surgery

Before your surgery

Remain Active – Staying physically active prior to your surgery helps to stop your muscles from becoming weaker and prepare you for the rehabilitation process.

Nutrition – eating and drink well is always important. Particularly leading up to surgery, as after surgery your body needs fuel to repair.

Health Assessment – Before your operation, a full health assessment will be conducted to establish your general health, medical history and mobility. Your specialists will discuss everything with you, particularly your pain management plan and exercises for before and after surgery.



After your surgery

Post-operative plan – The goal of your individual rehabilitation plan is tailored and adapted to your needs, getting you back to your daily routine as quickly and as safely as possible.

Rehabilitation begins soon after your surgery. Our nurses, physiotherapists and doctors will prepare a post-operative plan for you to follow which will ensure the best outcomes following your procedure.

Mobilise – the team will help you learn about your joint’s new mobility and how much stress it can take. At the same time, you will do muscle training to help with correcting posture and any misalignment.

Get back to everyday life - Bit by bit, you will regain your strength, endurance and coordination. As you follow your plan and get moving, you will very soon return to your daily routine.


Back to mobility

After rehabilitation at Schoen Clinic, you will have found your mobility again. Rapid Recovery was designed to get you back to normal function and mobility as quickly as possible and most of the time, you’ll also be able to keep playing your favourite sports. With leading specialists in orthopaedic surgery and pioneers in Rapid Recovery, you are in expert hands at Schoen Clinic London.