Schoen Clinic Newbridge Care Guide

A complete guide to admission, care and treatment at Schoen Clinic Newbridge. Information for parents, carers and families.

Our philosophy

Schoen Clinic Newbridge understands that eating disorders have many, often complex, causes and that all young people need individualised assessment and care, provided by a number of highly skilled professional staff, working together. We provide a range of continuous support for families of the young people we treat, recognising how deeply it affects everyone involved. Families have a vital role in supporting treatment and a lasting recovery.

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Care Guide Brochure

If your child is going to be staying with us for treatment, we understand you may be feeling worried or uncertain about your child coming into hospital. We'd like to make it easier for you by providing information about who we are and how we will care for your child.

The brochure details everything you need to know from admission to discharge and includes information ranging from what to bring, the treatment programme, how we work with you as a family, the specialists involved in your child's care and house rules.

We are always here to assist if you have any questions at all.

Download the Schoen Clinic Newbridge Care Guide 2022
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