Hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery

A hip replacement is a surgical procedure used to treat hip pain usually caused by osteoarthritis or the gradual wearing of the joint. There are several different types of hip replacement surgery available and they all involve the replacement of the damaged hip joint with a prosthetic (artificial) ball and socket joint. The main differences in treatment will be around how the implant is fixed, the material of it (for example ceramic vs titanium hip replacements), the surgical approach and how the implant is made.

As a leading hip replacement surgery clinic, you’ll have access to some of the best hip replacement surgeons in the country. One of our specialists will recommend the best surgery for your hip after a consultation, enabling you to have the most suitable treatment for you as an individual. Using the latest surgical techniques, you will receive first-class care following your surgery at Schoen Clinic London to help you on the road to a quick recovery.

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What is the recovery and rehabilitation process following hip replacement surgery?

When you come round in the recovery room after your private hip replacement, you’ll notice that your wound is covered by a large dressing. You may also have a small tube to drain excess fluid from the wound and a drip to keep you hydrated and to provide additional pain relief.

A nurse will check your blood pressure and pulse, as well as the wound and take you to your room when you’re ready. The average length of stay in hospital following a private hip replacement is two to three days and you should be able to resume normal activity within six weeks. Although it can take between six and 12 months to make a full recovery following your hip replacement surgery.

You may need to support the circulation in your legs to prevent blood from clotting for a few days or weeks. A physiotherapist will offer you advice and provide you with exercises that you will need to do a few times a day for six weeks – this will also help to reduce hip replacement pain.

To learn more about the recovery, the first step is getting in touch with our team of specialists. To say goodbye to hip pain and start living again, book an appointment with us today.

Post-total hip replacement exercises

If you've undergone a total or partial hip replacement with one of our specialist hip Consultants, you'll already know how important rehabilitation is to achieve the best possible outcome after surgery. Our expert team of physiotherapists have created an easy-to-follow guide to help you navigate the exercises you'll need to complete in your room on the ward, and once you return home. See below for the helpful guide with both image and video tutorials.