Sports Exercise Medicine

Our sports exercise medicine service provides rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients experiencing sports injuries or musculoskeletal problems affecting their physical activity.


Our dedicated team can assess both recent sports injuries and longstanding conditions including ligament, muscle, bone and tendon injuries as well as spinal and limb pain. The service can be accessed as part of an integrated diagnostic and treatment programme or as a separate service.

Our leading specialist team of internationally experienced sports exercise medicine physicians work in a multi-disciplinary way with our physiotherapists, spinal consultants, orthopaedic surgeons and other allied health professionals.  Our aim is to deliver the high level of care to all involved with sport and exercise at any level to the same standards we provide to elite athletes,. The team sees a wide spectrum of patients, from professional and amateur athletes to individuals with common musculoskeletal conditions. They can help patients achieve their personal or training goals, optimise performance and/or prevent injuries in the future.

Causes & Symptoms

Almost any part of the body can be injured, including the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). Sports injuries can be caused by:

  • an accident – such as a fall or heavy blow
  • not warming up properly before exercising
  • using inappropriate equipment or poor technique
  • pushing yourself too hard


Depending on the nature of the injury, your consultant may recommend x-rays or other diagnostic scans, but these are usually only necessary in severe injuries and fractures.

At Schoen Clinic London we have invested in a range of diagnostic equipment which can be used to technically test and measure your current health, identify any movement irregularities or muscular weaknesses, and then strengthen those areas through targeted exercise.

4D body scan - dynamically measures your spine, posture, foot pressure and movement to help identify any lower limb and spinal irregularities which may be causing pain or impacting performance.

Spinal isotonics – measures your spinal range to indicate any areas of stiffness and/or imbalance. 

Isokinetic - assesses muscle function to help identify any imbalances between muscle groups and the potential for injury. 

Compartment pressure test – to assess the presence of exertional compartment syndrome as a cause of lower leg/calf pain


Sports injuries benefit from immediate treatment so that swelling and inflammation of soft tissues is minimised. The correct advice from the start ensures a quicker return to sport and less chance of re-injury.  We will provide the appropriate rehabilitation process to ensure you return to your sport or activity fitter and stronger than prior to injury. The latest technology is used to provide treatment that may include physiotherapy or exercise therapy, interventional injections (cortisone, platelet rich plasma), shockwave therapy or even surgery in extreme cases.

Our specialists can also advise on preventative measures, training methods and dietary support. They will design and deliver individual strategies to help improve your health and performance. These will be focused on correct movement, strength, power, endurance and injury prevention management. The team will work with you to achieve your goals, liaising with coaches/trainers where appropriate.