Spine Surgery & Conditions

About 80% of the UK population will experience back pain, but thankfully most of these episodes are not serious, with the pain lasting a few weeks. Unfortunately, for the few who experience chronic back problems, the effect on everyday life can be huge.
Back Pain

At Schoen Clinic all our departments work closely together to determine the correct diagnosis of your back pain and ensure that you receive the most suitable treatment and an optimal outcome.

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Spinal Fracture

At Schoen Clinic, the spine is one of our areas of expertise. After careful diagnosis, our specialists can offer you the best-possible treatment to let you quickly move around again, pain-free.

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Herniated Disc

It happens quite suddenly. Severe back pain in the back that radiates into the arms or legs. Numbness in the fingers. Muscle weakness. The diagnosis? Herniated disc.

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At Schoen Clinic, we’re specialised in back disorders caused by degradation. Our spinal surgery specialists will help you prevent bone fractures through targeted measures.

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Scoliosis and Kyphosis

Schoen Clinic specialises in deformities and misalignment of the back. We provided a personalised and tailored range of treatments if you suffer from scoliosis or kyphosis.

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Slipped Disc (Spondylolisthesis)

From an accurate and thorough diagnosis, to non-surgical treatment, to precise surgery, you’ll benefit from the years of valuable experience of our back specialists.

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Spinal Canal Stenosis

Both congenital causes and changes in the disc due to age and stress can constrict the spinal canal causing radiating back pain, numbness in the limbs and increasingly reduced mobility.

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Knowledge & Insights

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