Treatment options

  • Back pain

    If your back suddenly jerks and hurts, this can be due to several reasons. Our team of experts at Schoen Clinic are specialised in back pain. With us, you’ll receive an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment.
  • Sciatica

    It happens quite suddenly. Severe back pain in the back that radiates into the arms or legs. Numbness in the fingers. Muscle weakness. The diagnosis? Herniated disc.
  • Scoliosis & kyphosis

    Pain during everyday activities may be due to crookedness or bending of the spinal column. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic treat scoliosis and kyphosis according to your individual requirements.
  • Spinal fractures

    The spine functions as a support and also allows for a high degree of movement. When a spinal fracture occurs due to a fall or accident, our specialists at Schoen Clinic can provide a personalised, professional treatment.
  • Spinal stenosis

    Back pain due to spinal canal stenosis? Different treatments are a vailable for narrowing of the spinal canal. Our specialists spend plenty of time diagnosing you and develop individual treatments.