A new model for consultants

Group of happy doctors in meeting

Innovative approach

Schoen Clinic will bring multiple innovations to the central London market for spine care and orthopaedics. The way we work allows us to constantly improve and innovate and we are now attracting consultants who wish to be part of this exciting new London hospital on an employed or independent basis.

Award-winning quality measurement

At Schoen Clinic we believe in evidence-based and outcomes-focused medicine, with standardised pathways and sound clinical governance. We focus on certain clinical specialties because this delivers the best outcomes. We have an aspirational mindset, based on our family heritage, and we encourage and support colleagues to drive improvements.

We welcome consultants who wish to practise with us on an independent basis. In addition, we are introducing a new model for employing consultants and are talking to those who would like to join us in a full-time or part-time role.

In either model consultants will work together as part of a multi-disciplinary team guiding clinical practice within the hospital. In our experience this dedicated team approach provides the best quality and continuity of care for patients.

Build your career at Schoen Clinic

At Schoen Clinic we are committed to the most advanced levels of clinical specialisation, allowing you to identify and innovate the most effective therapies for your patients. As a consultant you will be able to help us shape the setup of this highly specialised hospital for spine and orthopaedics. Consultants that join us will have the opportunity to lead and steer your area of expertise and you will become part of our international network, participating in our international clinical practice groups.