16.08.2022 11:35
Schoen Clinic London leads in ‘super specialising’ model driving down waiting lists in the capital as self-pay patients increase

The option to self-pay for private healthcare is fast becoming the most popular choice for patients in the UK as NHS waiting lists rise. NHS waiting lists across the UK are listed as the highest ever and combined with recent Figures from PHIN (The Private Healthcare Information Network), there is a significant rise in people self-funding treatment.

11.08.2022 08:00
Schoen Clinic London Partners with innovative diagnostic imaging company medneo UK

Schoen Clinic London is delighted to have entered into a partnership with medneo UK to offer additional fast private diagnostic imaging services.

27.06.2022 12:24
Schoen Clinic UK announces the appointment of Dr Tim Wigmore as Group Medical Director

Schoen Clinic UK Group are delighted to announce this appointment which will strengthen and enhance our group governance structures, improve oversight and visibility of all clinical and medical outcome data and ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are consistently met.

07.06.2022 14:09
Schoen Clinic sponsored world ranking golfer with Cerebral Palsy wins 2022 G4D British Masters Tour

Talented 23-year-old Kipp Popert from Sevenoaks, Kent who last year soared to the top of world rankings for golfers with a disability, became the first winner of the G4D British Masters Tour, in May 2022.

03.05.2022 12:48
"As a runner I couldn't imagine being unable to wear trainers or going for a run - but the recovery after surgery was so fast!"

Bunions can develop at any age, and although both men and women can have them, women are more likely to be affected. Medically referred to as hallux valgus, bunions don’t go away on their own and can get worse over time. Beverley Sneezum, a 54-year-old married mother of one, had been suffering from bunion pain on her foot for nearly 7 years before seeking treatment.

02.03.2022 13:30
“I ruptured my ACL at 21 and it almost ended my football career.”

Calvin suffered a painful knee injury during a football match. He wanted Specialist treatment as soon as possible and decided to see Mr Paul Trikha privately at Schoen Clinic London.

17.02.2022 16:15
"I don't wobble when I walk anymore. I have been given a new lease of life." - Susan

Retired Susan Bridgman suffered a severe injury to her right knee in 2015 after she fell down a flight of stairs helping a relative and the knee went under her body, taking her full weight.

06.12.2021 09:42
Schoen Clinic London appoints new Hospital Director

Schoen Clinic UK are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Smith as Interim Hospital Director at Schoen Clinic London, taking over the role from former Hospital Director Erin Shaffer. 

26.11.2021 14:13
Schoen Clinic London One of the First UK Hospitals to Take Possession of Microsoft HoloLens Smart Glasses to Enhance the Delivery of Patient Outcome Excellence

Schoen Clinic London is one of the first UK hospitals to take possession of a set of Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses to assist in enhancing patient treatment and clinical outcomes. 

05.10.2021 13:30
“6 months after undergoing a total hip replacement, I paddleboarded 66 miles for charity”

After years of pain and stiffness in her hip, Lorna came to see Mr Rishi Chana at Schoen Clinic London to undergo a total hip replacement. After only 9 weeks, she was already able to get back to one of her favourite hobbies...paddleboarding.

(Lorna is pictured, second on the right)

28.09.2021 13:33
Schoen Clinic UK Leads the Way in Healthcare Practice with 3 Prestigious LaingBuisson Award Nominations

Schoen Clinic London and Schoen Clinic Newbridge have both been announced as Finalists at this year’s Laing Buisson Awards.

28.09.2021 09:22
Schoen Clinic London awarded for commitment to patient safety by the National Joint Registry.

Schoen Clinic London is celebrating after being named as a National Joint Registry (NJR) Quality Data Provider after successfully completing a national programme of local data audits. 

09.09.2021 11:52
Two failed knee surgeries left me scared for a third, however I finally found the right specialist at Schoen Clinic London.

With a long career as a physical theatre performer, accidents and injuries are par for the course. However, in 1991 Sarah had a very bad fall which injured her right knee and would unwittingly change the course of her life.

21.08.2021 10:30
“I was worried I'd need surgery, but Schoen Clinic London provided the solution without me having to go under the knife.”

Surgical intervention isn't always the best solution. In many cases, conservative methods of treatment can be exactly what's needed to resolve a problem. Terry found this out first hand when he came to see Dr Julian Widdowson.

21.07.2021 09:15
"A fall on the golf course kept me off the green, but Mr Trikha got me back on my feet again."

Brenda worried she'd torn her meniscus, but when MRI scans confirmed she needed a knee replacement, her research led her to one Specialist.

21.07.2021 08:00
Livio Di Mascio wins award for “Best Musculoskeletal Trauma Principle Investigator" at National Institute for Health Research and Orthopaedic Trauma Society

At Schoen Clinic London we pride ourselves on our highly skilled and capable consultants - Upper Limb Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon, Livio Di Mascio, is one such example.

29.06.2021 11:00
“I was heading for a full knee replacement at 26. Mr Trikha and Schoen Clinic London saved me from that.”

After two unsuccessful procedures to resolve her ACL damaged knee, Sports Therapist Tilly was reluctant to undergo surgery again. Now one month after her third surgery she shares how it's changed her life for the better.

24.06.2021 10:32
“After ten years of hiding my feet away, I'm looking forward to trading in my sensible trainers for summer strappy sandals”

With a busy life and a business to run, Gill decided to undergo minimally invasive (keyhole) bunion surgery under the care of Mr Kumar Kunasingam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Foot & Ankle) to get back on her feet faster. Read her story today.

15.06.2021 14:45
"When the pain in my neck made it's way down my arm I sought help from a professional."

Professional dancer, Gareth, shares his story following neck surgery performed by Mrs Anne Mitchener.

13.05.2021 12:30
"Six months after my neck operation, I have my life back."

Read Ron's story, who after noticing a tingling sensation in his fingers, underwent neck surgery with Mr Rohit Shetty.

10.05.2021 13:15
"I've worked with extraordinary nurses my entire career but never have I seen such dedication to the job as I have during the pandemic."

The boss of UK healthcare group, Schoen Clinic, has paid tribute to their 'exceptional' team of nurses and healthcare assistants to mark International Nurses Day.

26.04.2021 09:16
Schoen Clinic UK named LaingBuisson Private Hospital Group of the Year

Schoen Clinic UK has proudly picked up the award for the 2020 Private Hospital Group of the Year at the annual LaingBuisson Awards.

16.04.2021 12:41
“The experience was so good, I'm coming back to have my other knee done”

Following his knee replacement with Mr Sam Rajaratnam, ultra-marathon fan, Lee, is back to running pain-free.

16.04.2021 10:00
Schoen Clinic London Consultant elected as President of The British Association of Spine Surgeons

Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London is delighted to announce that Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr David Cumming, has been appointed as President of The British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS).

08.04.2021 09:45
"I took my health for granted until I didn’t have it anymore."

When Faisel suffered a significant seizure in his lower back, he was referred to Mr David Cumming at Schoen Clinic London. Read Faisel's story of how he overcame debilitating back pain.

25.03.2021 10:30
"Five months post-total hip replacement surgery, I'm running 5km a day again"

Keen runner, Philip, tells us about his total hip replacement with Mr Rishi Chana.

12.03.2021 13:31
“Years of sport left me with no cartilage on my knee; surgery gave me my life back”

Read the story of Schoen Clinic patient Tom, who underwent knee replacement surgery performed by Mr Sam Rajaratnam. 

24.02.2021 13:22
“When I could no longer give my grandchildren piggy backs, I knew I had to do something”

Read the story of Schoen Clinic patient Nick, a 68-year-old avid cricket player, who underwent knee replacement surgery performed by Mr Sam Rajaratnam - using the ROSA® Robotic-Assisted Technology System.

01.07.2020 15:15
Schoen Clinic London - Rated ‘Good’ by the CQC

Within just seven months of opening, Schoen Clinic London has been rated ‘Good‘ in all domains by the Care Quality Commisson (CQC).

13.11.2019 02:30
Schoen Clinic London: Best acute private hospital

Excellence in the provision of acute services - Schoen Clinic London is a specialist Orthopaedic and Spinal hospital focused on delivering rapid recovery for patients with an innovative multidisciplinary approach, putting the patient at the center of all they do.

16.07.2019 13:27
Schoen Clinic London announces partnerships with four Open Golf champions

Molinari, Stenson, Harrington and Hall agree to deals with world-renowned hospital group.