Arranging a private second opinion for your orthopaedic or spine condition

Seeking a second opinion involves asking another specialist for their opinion on your orthopaedic or spinal condition, diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Doing so can help you, whether it’s to confirm or provide you with a better understanding of a diagnosis, or to offer you greater peace of mind. Second opinions are encouraged by consultants as a beneficial exercise to gather information about your condition or treatment options.

If you would like another opinion, our specialists at Schoen Clinic London will listen to your concerns, assess your condition, and review your case as part of our multi-disciplinary approach to care.

Second opinions: why and when

At Schoen Clinic London, our Consultants would always encourage patients to seek a second opinion, however it’s worth noting that patients are not obliged to follow the advice received.

You might ask for a second opinion for several reasons, such as:

  • You may not fully understand your diagnosis or treatment recommendations made by your doctor so wish to gather further information
  • Your doctor may not have provided you with sufficient information to answer all your questions
  • You may wish to find out more about alternative treatment pathways or explore more non-surgical, conservative treatment options
  • You want to find out about clinical trials relevant to your condition
  • Your condition returned after following your doctor’s recommendations
  • You were told that nothing more could be done about your condition

You don’t have to seek a referral in order to get a second opinion. However, often the best time to ask for a second opinion is soon after your doctor diagnosed your orthopaedic or spinal condition; the more information you can provide in terms of previous correspondence, diagnosis and treatment recommendations and imaging, the more helpful your second opinion consultation will be.

After receiving a second opinion, it will always be up to the patient to make the decision as to where they feel most comfortable progressing their care.

Our approach: MDT meetings

A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting involves a group of professionals from one or more clinical disciplines who collectively make treatment recommendations to patients on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that our recommended option will best suit each patient’s individual diagnosis.

As a specialised hospital, your treatment won’t just be overseen by your Consultant but by a whole team of specialists including Radiologists, physiotherapists and surgical colleagues. We also invite external clinicians and experts to bring their cases for discussion so we can ensure that our expertise is shared in the wider community. Our aim is to provide the best care for each and every patient and this approach allows our specialists to ask for and receive expert advice, discuss similar cases and be ‘challenged’ on decisions to ultimately lead to the best outcome.

We run several MDT meetings each week to discuss and decide on the best course of treatment, whether that be surgical, conservative or a ‘wait and see’ approach. We may also advise on further imaging or a second opinion. Whatever the recommendation, we always ensure that patients are updated on the outcome of these meetings.

How to get a private second opinion

You can ask for a second opinion with ease at Schoen Clinic London.

Contact us via telephone or email to let us know you would like another opinion and we’d be happy to help.