Our services and treatments

Specialising in total spine care and orthopaedics

Unique in London, the hospital will be a centre of excellence in orthopaedics – spine, hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle. This clinical focus comes from our belief, based on many years of experience in Germany, that specialising provides the best treatment and outcomes for patients. 

For patients with back pain

For patients with back pain, Schoen Clinic London will offer a consultation, diagnostic tests and treatment plan all in one visit.

Total Spine Care Centre

Centre of excellence for orthopaedics

Quality measurement

The hospital will offer a full spectrum of care for patients with musculoskeletal or spinal problems, from pain management to surgical treatment.

The Schoen Clinic quality measurement approach means we have defined and evidence-based clinical care pathways for each treatment. This rigour, combined with the expertise of top UK consultants who are recognised experts in their fields, will provide the best possible patient care.

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Multidisciplinary team of consultants

The collaborative nature of Schoen Clinic care means we work better together for the benefit of patients. Our team of consultants, nurses, radiologists and therapists will be set up around the needs of patients. Patients with complex indications will be discussed at multidisciplinary meetings involving all specialists and will be reassured that they are being treated by a team of experts.


Schoen Clinic runs eight specialist back pain centres in Germany. London will adopt the same Total Care approach to diagnosing back pain and will offer the following plus other surgical procedures*.

Hip and knee

We plan to offer the following plus other surgical procedures*.

  • Hip replacement 
  • Knee replacement
  • Cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Other arthroscopic procedures


We plan to offer the following plus other surgical procedures*.

  • Subacromial decompression
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Further arthroscopic procedures

Foot and ankle

We plan to offer the following plus other surgical procedures*.

  • Forefoot procedures
  • Midfoot and hindfoot procedures
  • Tendon and ligament repair


*Additional procedures will be confirmed in due course.