World-class facilities all in one location

Patient room entrance

A healing environment

Schoen Clinic London is currently under development at 66 Wigmore Street. The building has been designed for our very specific needs with state-of-the art clinical facilities and premium accommodation. 

Patients will be able to have their initial consultation, diagnostic tests, surgery and/or other therapeutic treatment, and follow-up appointments all under one roof.

The following will all be onsite

  • Fully equipped diagnostic suite with 1.5T MRI, CT and X-ray
  • 3 state-of-the art laminar flow theatres
  • 6 post-anaesthetic care unit beds
  • 2 minor procedure suites with dedicated recovery area
  • 39 custom designed, ensuite inpatient rooms
  • VIP floor and suite options available
  • 8 bespoke day-case pods
  • Outpatient department with ten consulting rooms 
  • Fully equipped onsite physiotherapy department