Packing for your stay at Schoen Clinic London

What to bring

  • A relative or friend to drop you off and collect you again on departure as we usually advise patients not to drive for 24 hours after a treatment.
  • Any tablets, medications and inhalers that you are currently taking, in the original packaging.
  • Any relevant x-rays, scans, blood test results, reports or letters.
  • Nightwear and slippers if you are staying overnight (a dressing gown will be provided).
  • Casual loose clothing and supportive shoes to wear as you recover and during any post-operative physiotherapy if you are staying overnight.
  • Personal toiletries (towels will be provided).
  • Something to help you pass the time such as books or magazines.

What not to bring

  • Jewellery (other than a wedding band); please also remove all body piercings.
  • Please remove any nail polish and acrylic nails on both hands and feet, and nail/hair extensions.
  • Valuables or large sums of cash.
  • Cigarettes or e-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere on site.

Useful Information

Your Appointment

It is quick and easy to get an appointment. Start the process of your recovery today by phone or booking online. Our appointments team will assist and help you to select the consultant you wish to see and at a time which is convenient to you.

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Your Hospital Stay

We endeavour to make your hospital stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Your Aftercare

Your aftercare is essential to your speedy recovery. We will help you to a successful recovery and sort out the practical details.

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Clinical Outcomes

Your successful outcome is as essential to us as it is to you. Your outcome data is reviewed in order to continually shape best practice.

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Your Hospital Stay at the Schoen Clinic

Our range of services can be tailored around your personal needs to ensure your stay is stress-free as possible and you feel like a guest as well as a patient.
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