Leadership team

Executive Director Hospitals and Executive Director UK, Andreas Ludowig

Andreas Ludowig, Executive Director Hospitals and Executive Director UK

“Over the years, we have managed to establish an offering of highly complex treatments beginning with mental health and quickly moving into orthopaedics and neurology. Now we feel that we have the experience and strength to bring our extensive expertise into different healthcare markets like London. Our concept of a highly specialised hospital doesn’t yet exist here so we believe there is a demand for this level of specialist care from patients.”

Portrait Victoria Morton

Victoria Morton, Hospital Director

“We have a unique and exciting opportunity to deliver outstanding patient care, bringing together process excellence from Germany and clinical expertise in London. I am delighted and proud to be part of such an innovative organisation.”

Portrait Angela Rossi

Angela Rossi, UK Director of Human Resources

"Having worked in senior HR roles in the private healthcare sector over the last ten years, I am delighted to now be at Schoen Clinic London at such an exciting time for both the business and healthcare market. Focusing on my passion for developing talent, we’re connecting a team of exceptional people to launch and run this fantastic new hospital."

Portrait Anthony Fitzgerald

Anthony Fitzgerald, Head of Nursing and Clinical Services

"I joined Schoen Clinic to harness a unique opportunity to create a culture of excellence, to build and develop a clinical team with highly specialised skills, who share a dedication to professionalism and compassion that leads to improved outcomes for our patients."

Portrait Ian Lilley

Ian Lilley, Head of Business Operations

"Schoen Clinic coming to the UK marks an exciting development in the London private healthcare market and, using my 20 years of healthcare facilities experience, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create a new, world-class facility. "

Portrait Dustin Reibe

Dustin Reibe, Strategic Project Manager

"To me patient experience is an integral part of the overall treatment outcome -  I want to build a team that shares my passion in enhancing people’s lives."

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