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Schoen Clinic London is a highly specialised hospital, one of whose specialisms is hip surgery and hip conditions. Our team of hip specialists champion the latest minimally invasive and rapid recovery techniques.

About our Hip Specialists

When you decide that the Schoen Clinic London is the place you want to be treated for your hip condition, we will be able to diagnose your problem and prepare a specific treatment path for you. Whether you need surgical or more conservative options, you can complete your treatment at the clinic without the need to have any appointments off site.

Problems affecting your hip can be some of the most debilitating you can experience. The cause of the hip pain could be the joint itself, the muscles, tendons and ligaments which are attached to your hip, or there may be problems originating in another part of your body which are causing referred pain in your hip. Whatever the cause of the problem we have the expertise to get you quickly on the road to recovery.

You can be sure that every Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon you meet at the Schoen Clinic Specialist Hip Centre will provide you with an expert assessment and you will receive the best and most up-to-date care available anywhere in the country. We have some of the leading hip pain specialists in the UK, who have qualified and undergone further training at the most respected hospital training establishments both here and abroad. They research, publish and give conference papers on a regular basis.

Apart from having an extensive knowledge of all hip conditions, our consultants also have specialisms in complex primary and revision hip surgery, arthroscopy and minimally invasive total hip replacement, hip-preserving surgery and hip problems in young people. Here at the Schoen Clinic London we are at the forefront of new techniques in the treatment of hip conditions in order to advance best practice and optimal patient satisfaction. We make full use of the Rapid Recovery Programme after joint replacement which allows patients to enjoy the shortest length of hospital recovery time with very low complication rates. We have consultants who are leaders in this field providing results reflecting outstanding outcomes.

Our extensive expertise in hip conditions and our modern facilities make the Schoen Clinic London amongst the best clinics anywhere in this country or abroad for patients with hip pain problems.

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