Back pain

Treatment for back pain in London

Our team of back pain Specialists here in London understand that most patients can be treated with a combination of advice, painkillers and exercise.

Our advice is based on the diagnosis and examination findings. As well as cutting-edge treatment options, our experts also have an extensive network of trusted physical therapists to provide expert bad-back treatment for our patients. These therapists range from physiotherapists and osteopaths to chiropractors and personal trainers.

Knowledge and communication between all of us is a key component of our success and your recovery.

Conservative treatment methods

Medication: pain relief

Although your local pharmacist or GP may gave given you advice, at our London back pain clinic, we can advise you further. As pain management Specialists, we can optimise your pain relief so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Physiotherapy for back pain

Our team at Schoen Clinic will be able to advise you on maintaining your spinal health and refer you to one of our affiliated physical therapy clinics for bad-back treatment. You may already have a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor with whom you work. You might be surprised to know that we probably work with them too.

Our clinicians believe that your recovery is strongly influenced by good communication so we are always at hand to liaise with your physical therapist.

Spinal surgery

The theme running through our hospital is that surgery is only required when all else has failed. Your surgeon will discuss everything with you and ensure that the whole team have done everything possible to avoid an operation.

Here at the Schoen Clinic, we have all the necessary expertise to perform your surgery. We have modern theatres, well-designed wards and high-dependency beds should you need them. On the wards, your medical care will be provided by round-the-clock resident intensive care consultants.

We are the only private facility in the UK that can provide this level of service and specialism.

With us, your safety is our concern.

Conservative treatment methods

Conservative treatment methods include:

  • Medication and pain relief to alleviate symptoms
  • Physiotherapy to strengthen your back muscles
  • Surgical treatment methods (including spinal surgery where appropriate)

Surgical treatment methods

  • Spinal surgery: may be appropriate