If you are experiencing pain in the back that radiates into the leg, or numbness and/or weakness in the leg, the diagnosis could be a sciatica.

Schoen Clinic specialises in the treatment of sciatica. Whether you are seeking an exact diagnosis, conservative treatment or surgery–you will benefit from the experience of our spinal specialists.

Sciatica surgery: aftercare and rehab

It is very normal to experience some level of discomfort pain after the surgery. The experienced nursing and medical staff at Schoen Clinic will help you to control this with appropriate medication. The symptoms in your legs may fluctuate due to increased swelling around the nerves. As the nerves become less irritated and swollen, your leg pain should settle. This can take a few weeks. The ward physiotherapist will visit you after the operation to teach you exercises and help you out of bed. They will show you the correct way to move safely. Once you are confident and independently mobile, you will be encouraged to keep as mobile as possible. In many cases, you will be able to go home the day after surgery.