Ankle cartilage injury treatment

Ankle cartilage injury treatment

Love jogging, climbing or hiking? When your ankle is in great physical condition, being active on your feet is a walk in the park. But when ankle pain arises, you can no longer rely on your foot to take the strain. This is often the result of a cartilage injury in the upper ankle joint. If pieces of cartilage become loose in the joint, this can cause the joint to weaken.

Rehab after cartilage injury surgery

Surgery is the first step to having a functioning joint again. Through outpatient rehabilitation, we fully focus on getting you to be able to move again and put weight on your joint. In the first six weeks your leg will be immobilised and for a further four to six weeks our expert physiotherapists will assist you to restore your carrying capacity step-by-step. Physiotherapeutic exercises will effectively support your recovery process to ensure the success of the surgery. How much your cartilage can regenerate depends on several factors i.e. your age, weight and individual regeneration potential. It sometimes takes several months before the final results are achieved.

Individual rehabilitation concept

At Schoen Clinic, we promise to offer a tailored solution for you. Therefore, in conjunction with your consultant, we will produce a treatment concept to assist you in obtaining the best results possible.

Mobilisation: first passive, then active

Regular movement of your joint without strain greatly supports the healing phase and results in your body producing more joint fluid which stimulates the creation of new cartilage cells. These cells can also use this fluid to sustain themselves. During your stay in hospital, you will learn from our specialists what you can do to best promote cartilage regeneration.