Flat foot

Two common conditions of the foot are flat feet and high arches, which are more often than not, nothing to worry about. Having either of these conditions does not usually cause any problems in your everyday life, nor should they stop you from being able to carry out sporting activities. Though they are rarely a sign of something more serious, if your feet begin to feel stiff, painful, or if you start to experience problems then you may need to seek treatment.

In cases where the condition suddenly occurs and you did not have it before, or it only affects one of your feet, or if you are noticing issues with your balance and ability to walk, it is definitely best to get your feet examined by an expert.

Our foot surgeons at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in treating flat feet and high arches. If you do begin to notice something untoward, we can assure you that your feet are in safe hands with us.

Flat foot: our specialists

Our foot specialists offer you rapid diagnosis and personalised solutions for the treatment of your flat feet.


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