Flat foot pain treatment

Most deformities can be treated easily and effectively

The treatment for your foot deformity that’s best for you depends on the extent of the deformation and your complaints. Mild cases can typically be treated effectively using shoe inserts and by carrying out foot muscle training exercises. Surgical intervention is only required in severe cases.

Conservative treatment: correcting the condition with shoe insoles & orthotics

Milder flat feet and high arches can be treated effectively using specific insoles.

Insoles that support the longitudinal arch of the foot are used for flat feet. This activates the foot muscles that hold up the longitudinal arch.

The insoles for a high arch are higher at the outer edge of the foot and therefore tilt the foot away from the deformity. The more flexible the foot, the better the chances of success.

Conservative treatment methods

  • Correcting the condition with shoe insoles & orthotics

Surgical treatment for a flat foot

With young patients, we can correct the deformity using a “spacer” between the heel bone and the ankle bone. After two to three years, this is then removed. All tendons need to be functioning normally for this procedure.

If there is a bony bridge between individual tarsal bones, we can remove this through surgery. However, if you have never had normal movement in the affected joints you may still have symptoms. If a normal joint has not formed at all, under certain circumstances, your symptoms may only be alleviated through fusion of the joint.

Through flat foot surgery, our specialists correct the deformity and also restore normal functionality of the posterior tibial tendon by suturing one of the many tendons that bend the toes, strengthening the posterior tibial tendon. We repair the bone deformity through positional correction in the heel bone. Additional surgical steps, such as a positional correction in the midfoot, or an extension of the Achilles tendon, may be required according to each individual deformity.

If the deformity has been present for many years, the lower ankle joint may be irreversibly damaged. If arthritis has already occurred in the lower ankle joint, the deformity and complaints can only be treated through reinforcement of the lower ankle joint. In this case, the goal is to initiate treatment early so reinforcement surgery is not required.

Surgical treatment for a high arch

When operating on a high arch, we correct the hind foot deformity on the heel bone. If necessary, the outer tendons are strengthened and muscle tension increased by redirecting individual tendons to the outer edge of the foot. According to each individual deformity, it may be necessary to extend individual tendons or carry out additional bony positional corrections.

Surgical treatment methods

  • Surgical treatment for a flat foot
  • Surgical treatment for a high arch