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Pain in the hip is often prematurely attributed to hip arthrosis (osteoarthritis) but conditions of the hip can occur at any age and hip pain can have various causes. Pain may arise from the bursa, the tendons, muscles in the area, from the sacroiliac joint or spine.

Our highly experienced Consultant Hip Specialists at Schoen Clinic London will work with you to find an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment plan to resolve your hip pain. From pain management to a full hip replacement (if needed) - we are your partner for hip problems.

One of the largest joints in the body, your hip joint supports your upper body as you walk, stand, run, bend and stretch. Your hip joint includes a rounded head of the femur (thighbone) that fits into the acetabulum (a socket in your pelvis).

Your femur and acetabulum are connected by strong bands of tissue called ligaments, with the muscles around the joint helping to stabilise your hip. A layer of cartilage cushions the ends of the bones allowing for smooth movement in the joint.

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