Hip arthritis

The hip joint is one of the most important in the body, we rely on our hip joints for virtually every activity in life. When the hip stops working effectively our quality of life becomes severely affected. Wear and tear of the joint (osteoarthritis) affects just over 10% of the population, and 3% severely. It can occur in any joint but weight-bearing joints such as your hip are more commonly affected.

Osteoarthritis causes a combination of pain and stiffness of the joint. Everyday tasks such as bending, putting on your shoes and even walking gradually becomes more difficult. As it worsens it can become more difficult to sleep. Although there is no cure for wear and tear arthritis, there are many options to help you improve your symptoms. The earlier you commence treatment the more likely you can maintain your quality of life.

At Schoen Clinic our specialists will explore every option to improve your symptoms and quality of life, aiming to delay the need for a joint replacement, where possible. If conservative treatments fail to help then a hip replacement may become necessary. Our experts use the latest surgical and anaesthetic techniques to ensure a successful outcome from your surgery.

Hip osteoarthritis: our specialists

With leaders in innovative and minimally invasive hip surgeries, our team of hip experts will help you regain your quality of life.

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