Hip arthritis

Getting you back on your feet – and hips

If you have been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis, we will discuss with you all the available therapeutic options. In many cases, conservative treatments can stop or delay the need for more invasive solutions such as surgery. We believe in giving good professional advice on the condition of your hip, so that we can agree on a treatment plan together.

At Schoen Clinic we believe you should be looked after by world class experts in their field of surgery. Consequently, our hip surgeons work collaboratively as a team ensuring you see the very best person to deal with your problem. We have nationally recognised experts in both the field of keyhole hip surgery (hip arthroscopy) and minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery

Regaining movement and functionality with hip replacement surgery
At Schoen Clinic, our leading hip surgeons are experts in joint replacement surgery and have some of the best results on the UK National Joint Registry. The Schoen Clinic philosophy is to practice evidence-based medicine to ensure you receive the very best care at every stage of your treatment. We also believe in evidencing the outcomes of the treatments we give to ensure every patient receives the very best care. This way we can ensure continuous improvement in the care we give. This core philosophy is fundamental to the Schoen Clinic Group and has led to us being regarded as one of the leaders in the healthcare field in Europe. We are extremely proud of this new approach to healthcare in London.

Hip replacement surgery is one of modern medicine’s most successful interventions. Patients usually regain normal function and, in many cases a new hip will last them the rest of their lives. Your surgeon will discuss the implant best suited to your needs.

Prior to your surgery you will be invited to a thorough multidisciplinary pre-assessment with a consultant anaesthetist, nurse and a physiotherapist. This is to help prepare you for your surgery, identify any medical needs and plan for your return home after your successful surgery.

Other surgical treatment methods for hip arthritis

  • Hip replacement surgery - partial or total depending on the extent of the condition.

  • Hip arthroscopy - diagnostic arthroscopy or debridement can assist in relieving some of the problems associated with arthritis of the hip.

  • Hip resurfacing - allows for fluid movement of the hip joint by resurfacing damaged aspects of the hip joint.

Hip osteoarthritis: treatment without surgery

Step 1: Hip osteoarthritis: relieve pain
Where possible, we will conduct hip osteoarthritis treatment without surgery. Pain therapy has always been a top priority for us, so via a combination of painkilling and anti-inflammatory medication we can successfully minimise your pain and reduce the inflammatory parameters in the hip joint.

Step 2: Hip osteoarthritis: exercises for improved mobility
Our highly experienced physiotherapists also assist you in carrying out effective exercises to support the healing process. This helps tendons and muscles in the hips, which have shortened due to altered or poor posture, stretch out again in a fully targeted way to help increase your range of motion. Regaining strength in the muscles surrounding your hips can assist with mobility and function.

Conservative treatments

  • Anti-inflammatory medications.

  • Injections into the joint.

  • Physiotherapy to build strength and mobility around the joint.