Hip impingement

Pain in the hip area is often caused as a result of wear and tear to the hip joint. However, in some instances a common cause of hip pain is hip impingement. There are several possible causes of hip impingement, including a misshapen femoral head or neck, or a hip socket that covers too much of the femoral head. The acetabular cup houses the femoral head, which should be round but when it is more of an oval shape, it can cause the bone of the femur to make contact with the edge of the cup (impingement). So essentially when the femoral head and the acetabular cup do not fit together as they should, hip impingement occurs.

Our experienced consultants here at Schoen Clinic specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of hip impingement. If the cause of the pain is determined early, further damage can be avoided, such as subsequent joint wear in the hip.

Hip impingement: our specialists

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