ACL injury (rupture)

Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a surprisingly common injury caused by a wide variety of activities including sport and trauma. The sports that are most commonly associated with ACL damage are those that involve pivoting and twisting, for example, football and skiing. Certain people are more pre-disposed to damaging their ACL, in this group of patients the force required to completely rupture the ACL can be quite minimal.

A complete rupture of the ACL can be associated with an increasing sense of instability as the knee recovers and the swelling settles. Although, in some patients, particularly those not involved in vigorous sporting activity, instability may never be noticed. However, where symptoms of instability do exist, at Schoen Clinic, we have a whole team of experienced knee experts who specialise in minimally invasive ACL reconstructive surgery to restore stability.

ACL injury: our knee specialists

Our knee department at Schoen Clinic is led by Mr Sam Rajaratnam and Mr David Sweetnam, both of whom are specialists in the fields of knee and sports injury. With expert diagnosis, outstanding treatment and rapid recovery, we will support you with the best treatment pathway for your ACL injury.

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