Knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a very common condition, usually presenting as pain and stiffness in the knee. Articular cartilage normally lines the femur, tibia and patella inside the healthy knee. Osteoarthritis represents inflammation of the joint due to the progressive loss of this important cushioning surface. As the cushion is lost, the normal forces passing through this weight-bearing joint are no longer absorbed and instead cause micro trauma to the underlying bone, thus causing inflammation which gives you an aching pain.

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic will guide you through all your options, both conservative treatments and evidence-based surgical procedures, to remove your symptoms as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Rapid recovery - fit and active

Rapid Recovery is an evidence-based approach that can help you to recover as soon as possible after your knee surgery. One of the key principles is that you are encouraged to be part of your own recovery at all stages of your ‘patient journey’.

By effectively planning all stages carefully before and after surgery, you can help to reduce the emotional and physical stress of your operation and then have the best chance to recover faster.

Research tells us that the earlier you get out of bed and start walking, eating and drinking after your operation, the shorter your recovery time will be, allowing you to get back to normal life and the things you enjoy as quickly as possible.

Before your knee surgery

Staying active prior to your surgery will help your recovery sooner. It will stop your muscles from becoming weaker and prepare you for the rehabilitation process. We call this stage pre-habilitation. Before your operation, we will conduct a full health assessment, establishing your general health and mobility. We will explain what happens in the hospital, discussing exercises you need to do before and after surgery, and your pain management plan in detail. We also explore your home circumstances during the consultation with you, so that we may be able to advise you on things you may need to put in place before you have your surgery. This will enable you to return home to a safe and comfortable environment after your knee replacement.

After your knee surgery

You will start your rehabilitation almost immediately after your operation, working with our very specialised physiotherapist, doctors and nurses. This is one of the real advantages of being a single specialty hospital, as you will not be on a mixed ward with the team looking after all types of surgical case. Instead, our team specialise in the recovery of just orthopaedic patients. They will prepare a post-operative plan for you to follow and tailor the goals of your rehabilitation to your needs, thus ensuring the best outcomes for you. Our goal is to get you back to your daily routines as quickly and easily as possible.

Having your individual therapy plan

At Schoen Clinic, your Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will work with leading Sports and Exercise medicine Physicians, Consultant Anaesthetists, Specialist Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation experts to formulate an individual plan to shape your recovery. This process starts at your first consultation with your Consultant Knee Surgeon and will enable you to recover quickly following your knee replacement.