Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery involves the removal of a damaged knee joint and its replacement with an artificial joint. At Schoen Clinic London, our highly qualified consultant orthopaedic surgeons regularly perform this procedure in our world-class private hospital.

What knee replacement surgery options are there?

Most of the knee replacements performed in England every year are for treating osteoarthritis. This is most often the result of gradual wear and tear of the knee joint.

Partial and full knee replacements are available, depending on your age and the severity of the arthritis. Your surgeon will recommend the best option for your knee after an initial consultation.

Who is the ideal knee replacement surgery candidate?

A knee replacement may be recommended if you walk with difficulty, if your knee pain prevents you from sleeping, or if alternative treatments have not succeeded. Although most patients who have this surgery are between 60 and 80 years old, knee replacement surgery is also suitable for younger patients.

Successful surgeries offer less pain and smoother movement in the joint, which can improve your quality of life. However, if a knee replacement operation is not the best option for you, your consultant will discuss this with you and suggest other suitable options so you can make an informed decision on how you’d like to proceed.

Do you offer total or partial knee replacements?

Knee replacement surgery can help you get back to doing the things you enjoy, but it’s not a permanent solution. Your level of activity and your body weight can affect the speed at which your new knee joint wears out. In most cases, replacements last for approximately 15 years, after which patients have a knee replacement revision.

At Schoen Clinic London, we offer various surgeries for full and partial knee replacements. Our experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons perform the knee replacement operation and you will receive excellent pre- and post-operative surgical care.