Biceps tendon disorders: SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior Posterior) tears

Freedom of movement for your shoulder

The treatment for a SLAP lesion is as individual as the causes. If symptomatic, the tear can be treated surgically using 'keyhole' surgery as a day procedure. Our experts at Schoen Clinic specialise in the treatment of SLAP tears and will work together to ensure the best outcome for you.

Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery

Using special bone anchors (screws) and sutures, the torn labrum is attached back to its normal position. Sometimes, the tear may be irreparable in such cases, it is smoothed down (debrided) to a stable surface and the long head of biceps is fixed into the humeral head (biceps tenodesis).

As with all surgery there is a risk of some complications. These are rare, and our specialists will discuss them with you prior to any procedure. They can include:

  • Complications relating to the anaesthetic
  • Infection
  • Failure to achieve a successful result
  • A need to redo the surgery Injury to the nerves or blood vessels around the shoulder
  • Fracture Implant failure
  • Complete tear of biceps
  • Prolonged stiffness and/or pain

Surgical treatment methods

  • Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery