Distal biceps tendon repair

Distal biceps tendon repair

Lifting weights in the gym, renovating the house or carrying furniture? A biceps tendon rupture can happen without warning and is usually the result of a sudden injury. It is rare, but in some other cases, a biceps tendon tear can be caused by a degenerative process.

At Schoen Clinic we have many years of experience in the treatment of all aspects of arm, elbow and shoulder conditions. We will help you to relieve your pain with a treatment plan specifically designed for you.


After surgery you will be required to use a brace or a back slab for a period of time and complete a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, that might last 3-4 months in total. Your therapist will guide you through this process and make adjustments that are necessary to your individual needs and situation.

In some cases, a full repair might not be possible and in these cases soft tissue graft implants might be needed to reconstruct the retracted tendon.

You will see your consultant two weeks after surgery and then your physiotherapist. Light work at a desk can start between 2-3 weeks after surgery. Driving will be possible 4-5 weeks after surgery. After 16 weeks you should be able to return to sport specific training.