Shoulder instability - arthroscopic/open stabilisation

Shoulder instability - arthroscopic/open stabilisation

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body, it is a complex structure and prone to injury for a number of reasons. What would you do if your shoulder is dislocated or subluxed in an accident? Chronic or recurrent instability can also be an issue.

At Schoen Clinic London you will find experts who specialise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all aspects of shoulder conditions and injuries.


The procedure often can be performed as a day-case procedure. The operation is often performed under general anaesthetic with the benefit of regional anaesthesia to ensure that you are very comfortable immediately following the procedure. Simple oral pain killers are often all that is needed for a few days following this.

As part of your treatment you will need to engage in a structured programme of rehabilitation supervised by a physical therapist. The inpatient physio team will instruct you initially, but this care will continue as an outpatient by your physio team. The aim is to gradually regain a full range of motion and then regain strength and control with time. You will be advised regarding return to driving and contact sporting activities.