Your patient questionnaire

Monitoring your recovery and improving your quality of life.

Your experience and treatment outcomes at Schoen Clinic Londonare important to us. To record and compare your physical progress and well-being, we put at your disposal a series of questionnaires before and after your treatment.

Quality outcome measurement

One thing that makes us unique is our award winning approach to quality outcome measurement. We rigorously collect, measure and analyse patient outcome data to drive the continuous improvement of our care and services.

Our enhanced recovery programme which mobilises hip replacement patients within six hours of surgery was developed as a result of our ‘Quality Empowered by Documentation’ system and has significantly increased the percentage of patients achieving greater than 70% flexibility on discharge.

Why a patient questionnaire?

At Schoen Clinic we use the Amplitude Clinical Outcomes system to record and report our patients’ progress. We ask for your input in completing some simple questionnaires at key stages throughout your treatment as well as after your discharge. This helps us to monitor your progress and the success of the treatment regime you have received.

These outcomes also inform us of the best treatments to offer future patients and may feed into formal research trials.

Next steps: completing my patient questionnaires

Your first questionnaire should be completed before any treatment to assess your current pain levels, symptoms and impact on your everyday life. After your treatment you will be emailed to complete the same questionnaires at different time intervals. This could be as much as five years after your treatment. It is really important that you complete these questionnaires as far into the future as you are asked as this allows us to monitor your progress even after you have been discharged.

You can log-in to complete the short, confidential questionnaires or review your progress at any time.

Someone can help you to fill the questionnaires, but it is important that the information comes from you.

Technical issues?

If you have a technical question about accessing to the system, please contact Amplitude Customer Support Team.

Tel: +44 33 3014 6363

Email: customer.support@amplitude-clinical.com

Your data is secure with us

We use the Amplitude Clinical Outcomes system to record and report your progress as well as the progress of all our patients. Amplitude is an independent organisation who specialises in providing systems to capture and report on outcome data.

All healthcare processes abide by the Data Protection Act and Schoen Clinic are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a data controller. Your data is completely secure and will not be shared identifiably without your consent.