Lucy McFadyen

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Birmingham

Clinical Manager - Eating Disorders (Children & Young People)


Lucy is the Clinical Manager at Schoen Clinic Newbridge overseeing all of the clinical care delivered to our children, teens and young people undergoing treatment for eating disorders.

Lucy joined Schoen Clinic Newbridge 12 years ago after completing a degree in paediatric nursing. A highly respected and integral member of the nursing team, Lucy has held a wide range of nursing roles, including healthcare assistant, staff nurse, senior staff nurse and lead nurse.

She was the first paediatric trained nurse to join the team, embedding the phlebotomy and nasogastric feeding programmes at Schoen Clinic Newbridge.

The nursing team brings together the strengths and competencies of both paediatric and mental health nursing.

Lucy was appointed Clinical Manager in October 2020, with her appointment reflecting the great strength of the service.

Many senior members of the team have worked at Schoen Clinic Newbridge for many years and are deeply committed to delivering all aspects of the service. As well as supporting all of the young people and their families before, during and after treatment.