Family Therapist - Eating Disorders (8-18 Years)

Mr Octavio León

Schoen Clinic Newbridge Birmingham

Family Therapist - Eating Disorders (8-18 Years)


* Please note, outpatient appointments are not available with this Specialist. They care for inpatients at Schoen Clinic Newbridge.

    Mr Leon is a Family Therapist specialising in eating disorders at Schoen Clinic Newbridge.

    Mr Leon holds a Master’s Degree in Systemic Family Therapy, from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. His work on Parental Alienation Syndrome is part of the book Alienating Family Practices (in Spanish), published in Barcelona in 2015. He is a Psychologist by Universidad Central de Venezuela and he is qualified Gestalt Therapy trainer by Instituto Venezolano de Gestalt. Octavio is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

    For the last 15 years, he has been working with young people and adults who have been affected by eating disorders, trauma, abuse and many other mental health issues.

    Octavio offers family therapy with a Systemic and Narrative approach. He believes that individual difficulties do not develop in isolation but within a context, a pattern of relationships and woven stories; likewise, healing and recovery should also happen within a network of support as the best way forward.

    Having lived, trained and worked in different countries such as Venezuela, Spain and the UK, Octavio has a special interest for cultural elements affecting our identities, relationships and narratives around mental health.

    Areas of expertise:

    • Eating Disorders
    • Trauma
    • Abuse
    • Domestic Violence
    • Migration and Cultural